Merrell Men’s Annex Mid Gore-Tex Boot Review

I haven’t seen anything similar to Merrell Men’s Annex Mid Gore-Tex Boots.

They are not the classic hiking boots we get to see in the stores this time of the year. That’s why this pair of mid cut hiking boots got my attention.

I am not really a fan of those big, heavy-looking boots that I get to wear only during snow days, or in the mountains. My style is more casual and laid back, so these are perfect for me.

I wasn’t only looking for good looking shoes, but also, something that will keep me warm as well.

The design is according to my taste, as well as the colors. Merrell created a few good color combinations:

  • Blue Wing
  • Stone/Brown
  • Castle Rock
  • Clay

I liked the Blue Wing the most, as that color combination seemed the most fresh to me. The Merrell Men’s Annex Mid Gore-Tex Boots are made from oiled leather.

This leather seems more like a suede texture, almost oily looking.

It is not recommended to polish or brush these shoes; you may actually ruin the leather. A damp cloth would be just fine to keep them clean.

Merrell Men's Annex Mid Gore-Tex Boot 6

They are covered with small pores fabric that improves my walking, even when I am in my boots for a long time.

This combination of oiled leather and fabric keep the feet warm and dry. The rear end of the boot is perfectly cushioned with the small pores fabric.

As you can see, the cushion is not classic at all; it seems like there are three bridges with indentations in between.

Its tough, yet luxurious polyurethane foam cushioning is specially added for comfort and easy fit.

These boots are anatomically designed for even better support of the Achilles tendon and the ankle in general.

No unpleasant rubbing or any pain, thanks to this design. Below this part, the heel is firmly supported with a rubber heel bumper that protects this part of the foot.

The front part too, has thick toe protection.

I can walk upwards and downwards and there is still no pressure on my feet whatsoever.  This all-purpose boot does not look like a regular hiking boot. 

Its leathered textile design offers a boot that is ideal for climbing. They are ideal for any terrain… even the most uneven ones.

Actually, the entire outsole continues in a jagged design all along the side of the boots for ultimate protection. Stepping in these Merrell shoes is sheer comfort.

Merrell Men's Annex Mid Gore-Tex Boot 2The lacing closure is pretty good. The D-cuffs are designed from the same oily leather just as the uppers are. It gives a nice and subtle design of the shoes.

These shoes have GORE-TEX endurable lining and water resistant ability. Of course, hiking boots must have this trait, and Merrell Men’s Annex Mid Gore-Tex Boots aren’t the exception to this rule.

Merrell created these boots with a shaft that measures approximately 5.5″ from arch. It hugs the feet well, and goes up to the ankles. Warmth and safety are guaranteed.

Merrell Men's Annex Mid Gore-Tex BootThe insoles are easily removable, which is quite helpful if you want to wash them, or simply let the shoe and the insoles “breathe” after a long walk.

There’s one thing I find a bit problematic; they aren’t as breathable as I hoped they would be. I guess that’s why the insoles are removable.

What I really like about these is that they can be used anywhere and everywhere. A lot of hiking boots are specially designed for walking away from the urban areas (otherwise their outsoles would get worn out quickly).

These boots are designed for varying environments. They have a resilient rubberized out sole for all day traction, force and assistance.

Merrell’s Vibram soles are excellent and have a very strong grip. This makes these shoes ideal for slippery terrains. I prefer to wear them at work, and they are doing their magic well so far.

Their lightweightness is another good trait, at least for me. I don’t like my feet to feel trapped in heavy shoes. It’s not that I would run in these boots, but I love to feel easy when I walk.

Easy to maintain, warm and comfortable, Merrell Men’s Annex Mid Gore-Tex Boots are pretty much what I was looking for.