Lucky Love Baby Moccasins Review

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  • SIZES:  3-24 MONTHS/2-6.5
  • PRICE GUIDE:  $24.99-$28.99+

lucky love baby moccasin

You are twelve months old. Your days are spent terrorizing the cat and trying to kill yourself in a variety of new and creative ways, that have aged your poor parents beyond recognition.

When you’re not falling over something, you have a hectic schedule of chewing your socks.

On top of this you have just spent the last few months staring at your perfectly doughy fat little feet and wondering what they are for, only to discover you can actually balance on them!

So chuffed with the revelation of being able to stand on your own two feet, you are now faced with the start of a lifelong dilemma – what to put on them.


At this important stage in your development you will be looking for something that can easily be slipped on and off, so your parents don’t have to suffer nervous exhaustion repeatedly tying shoelaces up, look adorable and – this is crucial – are soft enough to allow the miniscule bones of your feet the space to develop properly in.

Something like … these squishy little numbers by Lucky Love. These are baby moccasins that are nice and soft and tender on developing little bones.

It is true, they are not the cheapest baby shoes out there, and other brands can be bought for less, but are they as good?


First things first, what do these first walkers actually look like?

Because they are designed as a first walking shoe, these are made from soft leather and have a soft leather sole as well.

Although some styles come with a hard sole, for more challenging surfaces, please check carefully when ordering.

Around the ankles are the tassles which give these their distinctive appearance, and are available in about twenty six different colors, and can be worn by girls and boys.


The elastic around the ankles will keep these moccasins firmly on without strangling the feet of your child.

At first glance, these look as if they ought to do what they say on the tin and stay on pretty well. The leather is soft and dare we say it, fairly thin in its appearance, but this is a good thing for indoor shoes.

Nowadays the trend is away from babies and infants wearing hard soles and ‘grown up’ style shoes for longer than is necessary.

When they are indoors, it is best they wear soft shoes, or just socks. This is because hard soled shoes can actually get in the way of your baby or toddler’s locomotion.

Of course, when they are actually walking properly, and starting to discover the great outdoors, then you will need hard soles and some are available. At the stage  that they are now, it is really a good idea to stick to soft soles for indoors.


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Well, of course the under twos are not that well known for their eloquence or ability to leave reviews on the internet. But most of them are pretty good at getting their point across.

From what we know, these are a hit with babies and toddlers of all ages. Most buyers actually seem to like them, and think that they are comfy, based on our research.

How can we tell this? If you have ever had a shoe (or sock) -wearing baby you may have been a victim of the permanent crick in the neck associated with has-the-baby-shoe-fallen-off-again syndrome.

This is a pain that develops from constantly having to stoop down and search for missing footwear.

After a while, it becomes second nature for parents to comb the floors of wherever they are, looking for the invisible shoe, and developing a Quasimodo like stoop whilst they are at it.

This is inevitably because your baby has decided that shoes can come off,  they must be kicked off immediately.
The thing that we really like about these baby moccasins is that they stay on.

We will repeat this, slowly; THESE STAY ON.

Things that don’t instantly fall off are always a good thing in our book, so what more is there to know about these moccasins?



Because baby shoes don’t really have a very long shelf life – or foot life – it is a bit hard to determine the life expectancy of these first walkers.

But from what we can ascertain, these are durable, well made and seem to go the distance. Generally, things don’t fall off or disintegrate too quickly, so that is all good.

It’s possible the tassles may endlessly fascinate your toddler into repeated attempts to pull them off, but they shouldn’t come out without a fight we think.

The soles are not slip proof, and are made of soft leather, because these are primarily intended for indoor use. They are unlikely to be waterproof, and the leather is pretty thin, so they won’t be very warm outside either.


By and large, most parents who have bought these moccasins for their little angels seem pretty satisfied with them.

They like the vast array of styles and colors available, opening up a whole world of temptation to spend far more than actually needed (why have one pair when you can have ten!)

It’s probable that you will want to size up when ordering these shoes. They do seem to run pretty large. But you can’t really go wrong there, as you know, unlike when you order a size too large for yourself – that these will fit, one day.


The only comment that has come up repeatedly in regards to these moccasins is the fact that, at least to begin with, they do pong a little bit.

This is nothing ominous and is simply due to the fact that they are made from a genuine high quality, soft leather. Even if they do smell a little to begin with, the smell does eventually fade.