louechy walking loafer
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Louechy Men’s Notus Breathable Walking Loafer Review

louechy walking loafer

  • Manufacturer: Louechy
  • Model Name: Notus
  • Style: Breathable Walking Loafers
  • Sizes Available: 7 US through 12 US
  • Half Sizes: Not Available
  • Colors: Gray/blue, black, coffee, Gray, Ochre, Tan
  • Outer Material: Textile Mesh
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Additional Features and Details: Leather trim attached without glue to the mesh upper and rubber sole
  • Fit as Expected: 71%
  • Price Range Guide: $26.79 – $32.89
  • Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

The First Peak

We truly admire this stylish pair of walking loafers. There are many hiking or walking shoes that aren’t very stylish. As soon as you slip them on, you know that you’re going to hike up a mountain. They look the part.

This pair of walking loafers can go from walking through the city shopping with your significant other to a semi-formal dining experience quite easily. In our opinion, this makes it a great choice for a travel shoe.

When you’re packing for a vacation, you’re trying to fit as much as possible in your luggage, so if you can take less in terms of shoes, you’re much better off. This pair of loafers can take the place of 3 different shoes.

It can be worn while doing casual activities like biking and boating, too.

walking loafer

The Materials

The best part of these loafers – aside from the look – is the materials. You get the breathability of a sandal with the support of a walking shoe with this material. The upper is made of mesh that allows air to flow through and cool the foot.

The cushioned foot bed means less impact with the ground surface so you can walk faster and longer with these loafers.

The rubber sole means that every step can be taken with confidence. You might be on the slippery deck of a boat or walking on slick surface streets, and you’ll never falter or slip.

The Brand

Louechy has hundreds of men’s walking shoes with thousands of reviews from customers who love the fit and comfort of the shoe. The customers are very vocal about their need for versatile, casual walking loafers. They expressed contentment and happiness with their choice of shoe.

The company boasts that the satisfaction of the customer is the core of their business, which we can see by the great reviews on their products.

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The Fit

While over 70 percent of customers had no problem with the fit, there were a majority who found that when they ordered the shoe it was a bit too snug. Some customers stuck with the shoe and allowed them to stretch, others returned them for a larger size.

You’ll have to keep this in mind when ordering the shoe. If you’re wearing them with socks, that will make a difference in sizing as well. Socks are not required, and they could cause the shoes to not fit properly.

louechy walking loafer

Comfort Level

The comfort level of any shoe will depend on the way you use the shoe. If you are buying a walking loafer but trying to wear it hiking, they’re not going to work well for you.

With this in mind, these breathable loafers are fantastic for days spent walking where you don’t want to wear open-toe sandals.

The heel of the shoe has some extra cushion specifically for walking. While there’s no real arch support, it’s a great step above a sandal for spending the day outdoors.

The Terrain

The Louechy Breathable Walking Loafer provides rubber sole traction that can take you to a variety of locations. Many men have used the loafer for trips to the beach as well as trips to the office.

It’s a summer loafer that allows the air to penetrate, which is always a good idea for the summer. Keeping the feet cool can often cool down the entire body.

It’s not a good idea to use this shoe for heavy walking on rough terrain. While it does have great cushioning, there’s not as much support in the shoe as you would get with a hiking boot made exclusively for that purpose.

Bottom Line

If you do a lot of traveling, spend time taking day trips, or want a summer loafer to wear in a ton of different situations, this is a fantastic loafer. It’ll give you cushioning on the sole as well as a rock-solid rubber grip that will keep you on solid footing.

We like that you can wear this shoe in casual situations like day trips, but that it’ll transition to the office, too.

Many offices don’t allow open-toed sandals – and with good reason – but this shoe will never get you into trouble with the boss.

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