Laoks Men’s Mesh Wingtip Oxford Walking Shoes Review

It doesn’t matter if you are a veteran of marathons or a complete running novice, it is essential that you get the right pair of shoes.

Choosing the right shoe has a significant impact on the user such as reducing the risk of injuries and as well making the whole experience more suitable.

Laoks Men’s Mesh Wingtip Oxford Walking Shoes are a versatile shoe that is ideal for all kind of activities such as walking, running, weight training, cycling, jogging, basketball, tennis, driving, yoga, rowing and volleyball.

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On the surface, these shoes are perfect for both casual and official outing if you are in the market for a hybrid shoe.

But, for the picky customer, why should you choose these shoes? The reason goes beyond the fantastic colours they keep in stock and the cool casual style, and really comes down to pure craftsmanship.  And that being the question, how does that craftsmanship hold up?


Let us first say that these Laoks shoes are a hybrid in between a casual dress shoe and sneaker as it features a super stretch breathable knit mesh real leather adornment to cushion every step of the user.

The wingtip lace-up design of the shoe also helps to make it firm and secure on the feet of the user.

The integration of the mesh material, motion outsole, and flex welt support is to provide maximum support for whosoever has the shoe on their feet.

It is breathable, soft and protective which means it can be used for a more extended period without any sign of discomfort.

The shoe has a removable insole to give extra support and comfort to the feet all day.

Also, the bottom of the shoe has deck rubber material at the heel and toe for adequate grip to ensure you are comfortable for as long you have the shoe on your feet.

Comfort and Safety

Lastly, one of the major things that you should give attention to when buying shoes aside from the price, and design is the comfort and your safety.

Considering the components used in the construction of the Laoks Men’s Mesh Sneakers Wingtip Oxford, it is the best for those in need of a lightweight and versatile shoe.

Ok, so to summarize what these shoes are all about, here are the pros and cons.


  • It is built with quality materials and it’s versatile in use
  • It is lightweight and breathable
  • It goes well with either casual or formal events
  • It has an alluring design and not expensive


  • It can turn out to be big or small, so you have to get the right size
  • The lace gets loosen easily
  • It is not resistant to water


We think these Laoks shoes are great, because of two things mainly – superior craftsmanship, and versatility.

The craftsmanship you will see and feel for yourself when you wear these shoes, but the versatility, that comes from where you intend to wear these shoes.