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KEEN Women’s Betty II Winter Boot Review


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If you’re one of those adventurous people, who doesn’t get thrown off by weather changes and frost covering your sensitive areas, then you will probably be looking for a new pair of boots to wear during the cold days outside to keep your toes warm.

This article reviews another cute, useful, and comfortable pair of boots made by KEEN. KEEN really put a lot of effort into creating a revolutionary design for women’s boots. Before you grab your wallet, and go shopping for a new addition to your family of footwear, you should read our review that discusses the pros and cons of Keen Women’s Betty II Winter boots.


The rule with Keen boots, is that they are a must when encountering cold weather with a lot of ice and snow.

With Betty II you will look elegant because the design of these boots is complemented with snowflake-shaped quilting on both sides of the boots.

This simple, yet enchanting design is appealing to many style conscious women.

With these boots, you will not just look pretty, but you will also feel comfortable, warm and safe during the coldest winter days.

With promising traction that KEEN enhances with each new season, you will avoid falling.

If you’re an adventure enthusiast, and you have energy for a long day of hiking during the cold weather, buying these boots will make it much easier for you.

Warm, cozy and easy to wear, they will work for you through the winter. Keep reading and dive deeper into the features of these boots.


The Feel

Needless to say, the feel of these boots is  amazing.  Thanks to high quality material, the warmth and comfort of your feet is ensured.

Thanks to efficient insulation provided by Keen, you can spend a whole day hiking; searching for a Christmas tree, or working outside and you won’t have to worry about having numb feet after taking them off.

With good quality socks, optimism, and these gorgeous boots, you will feel motivated to enjoy many daily encounters with winter weather.



Most buyers are very satisfied with the quality of Keen products. Durability, is one reason they sell so well. Of course this requires some care by the owner. Taking good care of these boots will make them look as good as new next year.

Keen Women’s Betty II Winter boots will keep your feet dry on snow and ice. However, there have been complaints that these boots will not keep feet dry in the rain.

Unfortunately, it seems that these boots will protect you from snow, but not from water.

Keen Women’s Betty II Winter boots also have high-end traction, that ensures you more stability on ice and snow.

If, for example, you’re in a hurry because your toddler takes off down the icy street, you don’t have to worry as much about slipping and falling!  You’ll catch her in no time!

The Fit


Before you order these, you might consider the fact that they come smaller than you’d expect, so make sure you order one size larger to avoid returning them..

These boots are very easy to pull on and take off. They have a side zipper that adjusts so that you can easily slide your feet in them with little effort.


With KEEN you will seldom be disappointed.  Betty II boots will not only enhance your winter outfit, they will keep you warm, comfortable and safe.

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