KEEN Women’s Bern Baby Wide Calf Boot Review

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Feeling both comfortable and elegant during those harsh winter months can be very difficult, when you’ve got the wrong type of boots.

Unless you’re really into hiking, or going on outdoor adventures, you’re not going to want to suffer through the winter with anything less than the most perfect looking boots you can find.

The right pair of boots can be both durable and attractive, giving men a small case of whiplash as you saunter by wearing your dream footwear.


Finding the right boot that balances comfort and looks can seem like an impossible task, and very few companies are able to achieve this balance.

Who doesn’t want an absolutely gorgeous boot that can withstand the cold, and yet still be comfortable and warm? Yes, we must admit, these things can be challenging…

So, here we are, strapped with the task of trying on beautiful boots that will exceed your expectations. So be it!

We have been looking for an early winter boot that can handle some tough conditions, and still radiate stunning beauty, and we may have just found it with the KEEN Bern Baby Wide Calf Boot!


These Bern Baby Wide Calf Boots by KEEN are designed to provide women with a stunning and elegant look no matter when or where you are.

Personally, we think that footwear says a lot about our style and personality, so when we don these Bern Babies, we feel that anyone who wears them is likely going to gain a few points in the style and sexiness department.

They are, as it happens, made of top quality leather, which sets the boot off nicely.  Plus, they have a durable synthetic sole, that means they are good to go when it comes to walking a mile or two.

Comfort and style is the name of the game here, and with a 13″ shaft and 1.75″ heel, these boots are bound to make a loud statement!

As mentioned, one big focal point of these boots is their height.  They’re quite tall!  Indeed, that is a fair amount of full-grain leather on display, and we love it.

After sliding your foot into this gorgeous boot, you close it simply by pulling the full-sized zipper on the side of the boot.

In regards to colors, you don’t get a ton of choices, but the ones you do get are classy and highly appropriate: Black, Oak, and Oatmeal.

We’ve tried them all, and wouldn’t you know that they all look amazing.

The Feel

Although these boots are relatively warm and cozy, they’re not meant to be worn strictly as winter boots.  By this, we mean they lack sufficient insulation to keep you warm through the winter.

You can probably tell this just by looking at them, but just in case you weren’t sure, let us assure you that these lovely imported KEEN boots are more of an autumn boot.

On top of that, exposing them to excessive moisture isn’t going to do them any favours, and in all honesty will probably ruin them over time.

They are meant to be stylish, of course, and the fact that they are tall means they will protect you from some light snowfall or splashes, but don’t count on them to endure heavy snow.

Don’t get us wrong, these boots aren’t all about style.  For instance, with their EVA foam footbed, you can be sure that you will be able to wear these boots daily for hours at a time and still feel at ease.  KEEN simply doesn’t make shoes or boots that aren’t comfortable, while still being durable.

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According to most of the customers, they had no problem wearing these boots for years. However, there were several complaints of people that wore them for several week or months and that the foot cracked open.

Thankfully, issued customers can easily submit to the warranty program, provided by KEEN, if of course, that warranty hasn’t expired yet.


Although EVE foam provides the owners of these boots a comforting experience wearing them, it can’t guarantee strong insulation, and definitely not protect them from water and snow.

Like mentioned, if you decide to go for these boots, you need to take the consequences of water wetting your socks and toes.

The Fit

Even though the headline of these boots promises a wide, comfortable calf, this is not the case. If you have a wide or athletic built lower part of your legs, you will find zipping your boot quite troublesome.

Many people had to return them for this reason.

So, it’s highly recommended to order a half, to one full size larger, because as Keen shoe enthusiasts know, KEEN tends to design their models tighter, so a bit larger size than your usual boot will do the job, especially if you wear thicker and longer socks, or even wear them over your jeans or trousers.

Overall, with the right size, you can easily slide them on and off. The zipper is of good quality, so you won’t have to worry about damaging it or breaking it, unless you’re violent with the shoes, of course.

The leather, however, is quite elastic, so after wearing them for a while, the calf may loosen up a bit, making wearing easier and less uncomfortable for you.


This pair of KEEN’s boots are the answer, if you’re looking for a stylish pair that you can wear around town.