Kamik Women’s New York2 Winter Boot Review

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Winter days are fast approaching, and, like it or not, it makes us think more about the footwear we will use in order to fight the cold…and snow.

You’ve been looking for a perfect pair of comfy, but stylish women’s boots, but nothing pleases you?

We know that feeling!  It is of great importance for our feet to be well-prepared for the winter days, because who can afford to pick up some awful flu that’ll keep us in bed for days, or even worse – weeks?

In this article, we present you with a model that we think many women wouldn’t mind adding to their winter boot collection.  The Kamik Women’s New York2 is a model designed for that classy, but fun-loving woman.

With winter boots like these, even the most winter-adverse woman will want to step out the door, just to show off these beauties!



The Kamik New York2 winter boot is a model designed especially for women, featuring a soft faux fleece lining inside the boot and around the collar, which keeps the snow from getting at our precious tootsies.

There’s nothing worse than numb toes on a cold day, and this faux fleece not only looks amazing, but it blocks out snow – keeping your feet warm.

This synthetic boot sleeve measures  10“ inches from the arch, while the boot opening at the top measures 14“ around.

Another thing to note about this particular model is that they’re extremely well-insulated, enabling you to wear them at minus 40 degrees, if you happen to be doing research in some bleak northern land.

They also feature a removable footbed, which turns out to be quite handy.

The boots are available in different colors, so we’re sure that you will find a pair that will match your current wardrobe.

The Feel


So, we’ve put these boots on, and tried them in the coldest, most dreadful conditions, and we thought, while trudging through the slush “wow – they are very comfortable, warm, and flexible!”

These boots are no joke when it comes to both comfort and keeping out the cold. When you take them off, you won’t have to worry about numb, cold toes.

Wherever you go, and regardless of the time spent outside, the insulation feature of these boots will keep the heat inside, and the cold air out!

The footbed is cushy and made of fine material.  Whether are you just walking around town, or hiking great distances, your feet won’t feel swollen, and more importantly no annoying blisters!

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One of the crucial questions we all must ask when buying footwear is how long will they last?  With a decent pair of winter boots, you can usually get a few seasons out of them before they bite the biscuit.

If you do experience severe winters with lots of ice , slush and snow, 3 seasons sounds about right for a pair of women’s winter boots.

Kamik is a Canadian company, and they definitely know what winter weather can bring, having a century of experience behind them.

The Kamik New York2 boots are sufficiently waterproofed, so they are prepared for the harsh seasons, but it really depends on where you live, what you do in these boots, and how you care for them, that will determine if you’re going to get 2 seasons or 4.

The Fit


You can easily pull these boots on and off when the laces at the front of the boots are loosened.

Also, this boot is ideal for  women with a wider foot measurement, Just like the other boots, if you’re a devoted fan of thick socks and gaiters, we recommend you opt for a half size larger.

There’s nothing wrong with that, who wouldn’t like the additional warmth of wool socks?


In the world where everything is ridiculously expensive, and not as good as described, shopping online for the right boots with the right price tag can be a chore.