Kamik Women’s Heidi Rain Boot Review

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Heidi’s Story


This waterproof, light weight boot is quality made by Kamik, a Canadian footwear manufacturer from Montreal.

The footbed is removable, and the Atrium outsole adds great traction, which you will definitely need if inclement weather is part of your life.  Kamik manufacturers are always trying to keep you safe.

By the way, a “footbed” is a stabilizer inside the boot, that keeps the foot in a neutral position.  50% of the Heidi rain boot is natural and has a plant material upper.

You will move in fashion through a rain storm wearing the Heidi, featuring its vinyl-covered canvas and rubber soles.  We like the idea of a boot that keeps you safe and feeling great!

Suppose you have searched the world for a boot that is fashionable, functional, comfortable, affordable, and environmentally friendly.  You have spent time and money for rain boots that meet your needs, but to no avail.

We agree with thousands of customers who have discovered the Heidi Rain Boot.

These boots are well made, and affordable thanks to Kamik.  They aren’t big or bulky, and they remind me of the rain boots I use to wear as a kid.  You will be so glad the Kamik cares about the environment.

These boots don’t smell like chemicals, and you won’t find any glue globs at the seams.   The lining is soft and the boots fit perfectly.

You will probably have a pair for many years because of the quality, but if you chose to try something else, Kamik will recycle them for you.

This company cares about our environmental footprint, so just send them back to the company.  I thought I’d include the addresses just so you can see where Kamik “lives” – one location in Canada, and one in the U.S.

Kamik Canada
1940, 55th Ave. 
Lachine, Quebec 
H8T 3H3

Kamik USA
673 Industrial Park Road 
Littleton, NH 

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More Features Of The Heidi Rain Boot

These boots can be shipped in the U.S., but not internationally, as in overseas.  They’re made in Canada, so presumably they ship from there.  The shaft measures 11” from the arch, and the opening for your foot is 13.5” around.

Heidi’s Top 10 Facts

The Kamik Women’s Heidi Rain Boot is …

  • comfortable
  • safe
  • fashionable
  • colourful
  • quality
  • waterproof
  • light weight
  • affordable
  • shipped free
  • in over 100 stores

10 years ago, the Today Show from New York City was talking about these fabulous rain boots …