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Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot Review

The Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot was meant to keep my feet warm and dry while outside shovelling, as well as taking the kids out into the snow for sledding, snow fights, and building snowmen.


They did exactly what I expected. They’re one of the most used pair of boots by the back door. They’re easy to slip on and tighten quickly, too.

About the Company

Kamik is known for its dedication to winter footwear, since they’ve been in business for over 100 years.

The company started with a special connection to the Canadian wilderness that they continue to this day by providing serious cold-rated boots for the entire family.

Our Favorite Features

Flexible, Rubber Sole – The sole is durable as well as being flexible for walking through the snow.

Cold Rated – The Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather boot is rated at -40F.

Snow Collar – Snow will not be able to slip into the top of the boot because of its snow collar.

Substantial Boots – The Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather boots weigh 2 pounds 4 ounces for the pair. This is a substantial pair of boots that will feel sturdy.

Insulation for the Kamik Greenbay 4


The interior liner is created from felt that can be removed for cleaning, as well as quick drying in front of a heater. The liner gives them added warmth for extreme temps.

The shaft is 13 inches in length, so that means it’ll be harder for snow to get inside the boots when walking through snow.

The liner itself is 8mm of felt, and the nylon upper will keep snow, as well as wind and water, from entering the boot.

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My Personal Experience with Warmth

The kids are constantly heading outside to play in the snow while I’m out there shovelling the driveway, walkways, or clearing accumulated snow off the vehicles.

Once I’m out there, my feet are so warm that I don’t feel the need to rush back inside.

The best snowmen and snowball fights I’ve had with my children are due to the fact that my feet are so toasty and dry, that I don’t need to rush back into the house.

I’m happily out there helping them build snow forts and packing snowballs for the next round of attacks.

Are the Kamik Greenbay 4 Boots Waterproof?


You can easily walk in the snow with the Kamik Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather boot and not worry about dampness or mush penetrating the sole or sides of the boots.

This boot was terrific when I was out sledding with the kids. We’re an outdoor family, which means that they expect Dad to get out there and sled with them.

That was not a problem with these boots. At the top of the boot is a drawstring and toggle, which allows the wearer to pull it tight to the calf, keeping snow from entering the boot.

Fit and Comfort Level

While I’m not using these boots to take long hikes in the woods, they are extremely comfortable while clearing snow and pulling sleds up the side of hills.

The width seems slightly narrow, so I’m glad I purchased a half size larger than my normal size.

They fit great with warm socks. If you feel the need for more than one pair of socks out in the cold, I’d suggest buying a full size higher than your normal.

Traction on Snow and Ice

Around the ankle area, there’s an adjustable Velcro strap that will allow you to easily slip the boot onto your feet and tighten it quickly.

With a few economical movements, you can have your boots on, and be ready to head outdoors.

Give the pull-on loop a tug, tighten the strap around your ankle and pull the drawstring, and toggle to engage the snow collar.

Once the boot is snugly on the foot, the rubber bottom will keep you from slipping and provide secure traction.

Considerations before Purchase

Consider the size you’ll need for these boots before ordering, since they run a bit narrow. That could be a problem for some people with wide feet, and for those wearing more than one pair of socks.

The rubber soles and surrounding area on the bottom of the boots won’t adjust as some other boots might. That’s important to note when considering your sizing options.

If you’re a Dad like I am, you’ll want to be outside with the kids as they experience snowball fights, build snowmen, and create forts.

You won’t want to tell them you can’t pull their sled up the hill because your toes are cold. With these boots, it might as well have been summer outside.

The cold never penetrated the boots, so it never slowed me down.

Watch this video review of the Kamik Greenbay 4 Boots below to get more information.

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