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Introducing John Chlarson from IntenseAngler Outdoors…

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We here at this website are always on the lookout for footwear that is perfect for you, and we always like to stay connected with people who care about shoes, boots, and footwear in general.

Not only do we research extensively to find quality and affordable footwear buys, but we go wherever the conversation is about your feet.

That’s how we found John Chlarson’s excellent YouTube channel called IntenseAngler Outdoors.

John lives in Boise Idaho and he is in love with the world outside.  He loves to hike, camp, and fish.

Over the years, John has learned a lot of great ideas about being an outdoorsman, so he decided to share his ideas on the internet by starting a “youtube” channel.

John’s channel is all about enjoying the outdoors in a smart way.  He posts vids that provide the viewer with great outdoor skills, on a wide variety of topics.

John gives his almost 200,000 subscribers tons of useful tips that will make their outdoor experiences a more enriched experience.

Check out very popular video he did on what to do with your rogue socks!

Advice On Footwear For The Outdoors

With the “Minimus” shoes trending today, we wanted to find out what John had to say about how important shoes and boots are to moving about in the world around us, and maybe he might share some recommendations with us.

IntenseAngler Outdoors emphasizes outdoor skill sets, good old fashion ingenuity, and self reliance.  His videos are very diverse, mainly about hiking, and everything that goes along with that.  Shoes and boots are an important part of staying safe, while enjoying what nature has to offer, so we checked out John’s videos closely.

Sierra Trading Post in Boise, is a retail store, with lots of great shoes and boots that are perfect for hiking.  John paid them a visit and shared with us what they had to say on this video on –

How to Choose the Best Hiking Boots

Warm Feet

In the video below, John shares a easy way to keep you feet warm.  Very important when it comes to hiking and winter activities…

Old Hiking Boots

If you have a favorite pair of hiking boots, and you just won’t give them up, even though they are completely worn out, check out what John has to say here …

Before Hitting the Trail

One of John’s very informative and practical videos on what you must know before you set out on a hiking adventure is …

More About John Chlarson

Find out more about John Chlarson and be sure to not only check out his youtube channel, but tell all your friends about it.

Old Socks

A favorite video from John that we can all relate to, is about socks, especially if you’ve ever lost one from the pair.

John Chlarson On Social Media

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John says … “There are some who can live without wild things & some who cannot.”


You can also socially connect with John Chlarson aka intense angler outdoors on Instagram, and through email at …

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