How To Make Walking More Fun

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Most people will agree that going for a walk is simple and effective exercise.

We know from our own experience that for many people walking can be a very good method of getting back to some form of regular physical activity.

When we are younger we can generally keep fit, if only from the normal day to day activities.

As we grow older, it can become more difficult to exercise and we also grow out of the habit of regular exercise. Hence the term – “middle age spread.”

It would be foolish to have done little or no exercise for a few years, to suddenly decide to go running or do a workout at the gym.

Walking can be a nice transitional phase to get back to some form of exercising.

That said, it can get pretty boring, so we thought we would include some great tips to make it a little more fun.

Just remember, if things get boring, then the chances are we will stop doing them, so if you are walking to improve your health or increase your energy levels, you want to avoid making your walking routine boring.

Here are some great tips to keep your walking routine a lot more fun.

walking for fun

1. Change Your Route

If you stick to one route, the chances are you will get bored pretty quickly. If possible mix that up a little, and try going different places.

It does, of course, depend on where you live.

There is however, nothing wrong with driving a little, parking your vehicle, and going a different route from there.

Thankfully I live close to a beach, and I just love to go walking there. Nothing quite like the sound of the waves.

2. Walk with a friend or friends

walk with a friendIf you can get someone, or a few people to walk with you, then time passes so much quicker.

That is the reason you will see many walking clubs cropping up all over the place.

Now we know that is not always possible, but if you can get any type of company, then go for it.

3. Listen To Some Music

You will see many walkers out there with headphones on.

They can simply be listening to music or maybe catching up on a podcast, so what better time to do that, than when out for an evening stroll.  

Just be careful when it comes to any road crossings as music will drown out the sound of vehicles.

4. Join A Walking Group

Many cities, towns and villages already have local walking groups. Check for them on the Internet, or on Facebook Groups, and see if there is one near you.

This is especially useful for anyone who is single.

The one thing we have found, is that you will be made very welcome, and to be honest, there are no expectations of how often you should walk, or how far.

You can also pick up some great tips..maybe even a partner

If you can’t find one, then why not start one up yourself.

5. Get a Pedometer and Stay Motivated

We see what we measure.

If you want to stay motivated we would recommend measuring your progress on a regular basis.

A cheap pedometer will help you do that, and help keep you motivated along the way.

6. Consider a Treadmill In The Winter

treadmill in the winter timeI doubt if they have made a more boring piece of equipment. I mean, let’s face it, who wants to walk up and down on the same space and go nowhere.

I know I don’t, and I am sure you are the same. However I would rather do that, and keep my walking levels up, than risk breaking my ankle on ice and snow.

So although I am not a fan of these machines, a less expensive treadmill is ok to keep me on track and safe during bad spells of weather.

7. Try To Stick To a Time

If you work, then I would strongly recommend that you get out at your lunch break.

That, more than anything else, will help you relieve stress.

When I did this, I really looked forward to lunch, just to be able to get out for a walk.

If you prefer to walk in the evening, then after dinner is probably the best time to help walk that off.

When you find the best time for you, then it becomes something that you look forward to.

8. Walk Your Dog

Taking the dog for a walk works great.

Now, I don’t have a dog, but about once a week I will walk an elderly neighbour’s dog, and she really appreciates it.

I also enjoy it as well,and I think the dog does too. Well I certainly hope it does.

9. Do Not Overdo It

When starting out walking, there is a really big temptation to do too much.

You either try and walk too fast, or try to walk too far, or like many who do both.

Avoid this at all costs, and start with a small distance and a steady pace.

One thing that will put you off walking for good is if you get injured, or suffer from cramps in your legs. Do a little at a time, and build it up.

10. Bring A Camera

Even if you are not into photography, I would recommend bringing a camera. You just never know what you will see when you are out and about.

It is always an opportunity to catch that moment. I have managed to capture some amazing sunsets over the years.

This is one I took a couple of years back when on holiday in Cyprus.

walking on a beach during sunset
Fig Tree Bay in Cyprus – My Evening Walk

11. Copy My Wife

Once a week my wife makes more practical use of her walking time. She will find a shopping area in the evening when it is quiet and do some window shopping.

Now, I do have to tell you that she slows down a lot when she gets there, but the walk there and back is quite brisk.

The only walk I get concerned about, is the return trip when the shops are actually open.

12 – The Bar or Pub

Treat yourself – now I don’t mean every single night, as that would be self-defeating, but maybe once a week. Stop off and treat yourself to a beer or two.

Personally I prefer a glass of red wine, and a bit of a catch up with some friends. Yes I have got delayed a few times, but what the heck – life is supposed to be enjoyable.