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Holly Twin-Buttoned Fur-Lined Women’s Winter Snow Boot Review

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  • SIZES: 5-12
  • PRICE GUIDE: $19.99-$34.99+

Just in time for winter, we have had the honor of trying out these magnificent snow boots by Holly.

Now, we tried having a look for the relevant website belonging to this manufacturer, but weren’t sure that we actually found it, or at least, not one that contains these boots. Which is a pity, as we had many questions about them.  But here’s what we do know.



Available in all shades of the rainbow, and some more to boot, (pardon the pun) it is worth checking carefully what you do order, as they come in more than just different color variants.
At the time of writing this, and as far as we can ascertain, they also come in different styles, which appear to be faux leather, ‘suede effect’ and a very chunky knitted pattern.

These Holly boots are so similar to the Clpp’li ones by manufacturer Afranker that we almost had to rub our eyes in astonishment. However, there are one or two points of difference. This particular model is single buttoned only, whereas the Clpp’li ones had two. Now,though, it appears that a double buttoned model also exists, which looks even more like the missing twin sister of the Clpp’li.

The Clpp’li snow boots don’t come in quite such a dazzling array of colors or finishes though. Price wise, they are fairly comparable and similar in all other ways.

What else can we say about these boots, other than they are very similar to the Afranker ones, and obviously, to the brand leader, but far more expensive ‘Uggs’.

They have a deep tread that makes us feel reassured we will be going nowhere in the snow, that we don’t want to. They appear warm, with a fluffy synthetic lining, and in terms of style, we are fairly partial to the purple ‘knitted effect’ pair.



These appear so deliciously soft and stroke-able that we feel we could put them on a lead and name them ‘Fluffy’. But are they as comfy to wear as they seem?

Customers almost all concur that they are incredibly comfy and warm to wear, and that the tread on the soles will not let you down, nor send you skidding into an embarrassing heap. This is always a good thing in our book, unless you want to fall on your arse and display parts of your anatomy to unwary strangers!

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So what about the all-important fit? We notice that these score highly on the Amazon ‘fit-as-expected’ ranking, with a whopping 81% of respondents thinking that they did.


To make things easier, the Amazon page has a conversion chart to show you which actual size each boot is, from toe to heel, and what size this translates to in U.S. ,U.K. and Euro foot sizes. This is pretty helpful actually, and we wish more sellers did this!

No, there aren’t any half sizes  available, but hopefully with the sizing table, you should be able to get the right size to fit.

For comparison sake, the Afranker boot satisfaction stakes were 71%, and the brand leader Ugg was 87% for the corresponding style. So 81% is a pretty good score, all things considered, especially as these are a fraction of the price of an Ugg boot.

In terms of comfort, they fit like a glove!  The synthetic muff is toasty cozy, and no one has reported any serious rubbing or pinching in these boots.



But how good are these when it comes to the job at hand? Could you trudge through acres of the white stuff? These make the claim that they are waterproof, but are they really?

We like the look of the chunky knit pattern design, but can this really be as waterproof as it claims?

Hmm, we were a little undecided here. After reading customer feedback, we think that ‘water resistant’ would be a better description. Judging by all accounts, they withstand rain and snow pretty well. If you are walking over packed snow, and not leaping into piles of slush, you will definitely feel dry. And maybe, if you pick the leather effect boot, you also stand a good chance of staying dry.

In all honesty though, we recommend an application of waterproof treatment just to be on the safe side. People who have done this, report that this does the trick pretty much, but, don’t go jumping in any puddles wearing the knitted pair. We rather fear for their future if you do that!


And how warm are these adorably cute boots? Here, the evidence is overwhelming. They are nice and warm, and nobody has significantly reported cold tootsies, that is, nobody really. There’s always going to be one ice cold Izzie who complains that their feet are cold…. you know the type, the ones who never want the office window open just a bit, when everyone else is sweltering in the heat.  Or the constant moaner who embarks on some sort of polar expedition into seventeen inches of snow, for ten hours, whilst building an igloo, and sleeping on a bed of icicles, wearing nothing but these boots, with no socks and probably no other clothing either…. and then complains that their feet got cold!!

Basically, these are a nice, cozy, warm pair of boots, that look like Uggs, feel like Uggs, but don’t cost like Uggs.  You might want to refrain from ice water swimming in them, that’s all.

Two word summary : pretty good.

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