Gubarun Kids Lightweight Sneakers Review

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  • SIZES:   8.5-10 M (US) TODDLERS/ 11.5-5.5 M (US) LITTLE KID AND BIG KID
  • PRICE GUIDE:  $17.99-$23.99


hobibear gubarun kids shoe blue

2018 is a strange place sometimes.

Today, it is apparently acceptable for fully grown adults to go outside the confines of their own home, wearing naught but a glorified baby grow (onesie) whilst conversely, no self-respecting baby would ever be seen dead in one!

Yes, welcome to the twenty first century. Where babies and toddlers dress like adults and the adults, well, where to start….

No more are babies expected to spend their formative years attired solely in the putrid tones of puke. Neither are they expected to kip in a drawer. Or wear booties.

And whilst Best Walking Shoes Review mourns the demise of the bootie, we have to say we are rather more enthusiastic about its replacement.

Especially if they look like this!

This is the Gubarun Kids’ Lightweight Sneaker.

gubarun kids running shoe purple

Whilst not technically a baby shoe, these fit from a romping toddler up to a confident big kid.

The thing that makes us chuckle the most about these sneakers, is that the manufacturer Gubarun have decided that they are for ‘running’ in.

Show us a pair of kids’ shoes which aren’t, we say!
Yes, these are billed as an (ahem) athletic sneaker. As opposed to all those other pairs of shoes that you bought for them to wear in the boardroom of course.

Well, all right. Perhaps you did once upon a time buy a pair of posh shoes for them.

And then wept tears of bitter regret, when they were plunged into a muddy ravine, after being worn for 0.01 seconds.

If, since then, you have vowed never to make this mistake again and started eying up wooden clogs as an alternative, allow us to suggest these.

No longer must you be forced to choose between glitzy, but deeply impractical footwear, or, well, those sensible shoes that your kids hate.

With these sturdy looking training shoes, fashion and function come together in one neat package.


gubarun kids black lightweight sneaker

Color wise, there are only three shades to choose from.

Perhaps your little princes and princesses might feel that isn’t quite enough. Then again, if you want to get out of the shoe shop by closing time, then this might not be such a bad thing.

Available in simple colors; black, blue and purple. These are billed as being for both boys and girls.

Although, it is possible that not everyone will want the purple style, as the soles are a fetching shade of pink.

These have a chunky sole, made from soft rubber. This makes them the perfect support for your little ones’ feet.

The upper is a breathable fabric, which helps to ensure that their feet won’t stink to high heaven at the end of the day.

Although these have laces on the front, don’t worry. These Gubarun Kids Lightweight Sneakers actually fasten with a hook and loop system.

So, if they haven’t mastered tying laces yet (alas, a dying art, even amongst the so called ‘adults’ these days) it won’t matter.

There is a comfy lining on the inside of the shoe and a non slip exterior.

That means they can charge about at high speed, being as much of a pain-in-the-ass as they want to, without ever slipping, falling or slowing down. Bummer.


gubarun black kids sneaker running shoe

A kids’ shoe is dead in the water if it’s not easy to wear.

Let’s face it – you’re never going to persuade them to wear something that doesn’t instantly kiss their feet.

So, you should be in luck with these Gubaruns.

They are extra soft, extra flexible and great to have on their delicate little tootsies.

As a ‘running shoe’ (again, we scoff) these are going to need to be good and comfortable.

After all, little Daisy isn’t going to be able trample all over your prize Dahlias, like a streak of forked lightning, in anything that might pinch her big toe.

And God forbid, Noah won’t be able to set the land speed record after putting in your French windows, in something that doesn’t support his verruca!


gubarun kids running shoe heel

This style is available from the smallest toddling child (a size 8.5 which is possibly around eighteen months to two years, depending on the child) and goes straight up to a kids’ size four. So that’s most of the early years taken care of.

Do they fit as expected? Refreshingly, nearly everyone seems to think so – with 95% claiming to be happy about the sizing.

This is a statistic we don’t see often, so we have to say that we are impressed!


gubarun blue kids running sneaker

Well, duh. These are made for the outdoor – obviously.

Since they are billed as being a ventilation shoe, though, it might be an idea not to allow them to get sopping wet.

However, this being a kids’ shoe, might be easier said than done!

Having said that, according to the makers, these will help keep the foot free from being too wet and ought to dry up in not a too bad timescale as well.


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gubarun kids sneakers blue side of shoe

Should you choose these kids sneakers?

More like, will you actually get a say in the matter?

Because, we predict that as soon as your kid claps eyes on them, it will be a done deal and there will be no more to be said about the matter.

But to sum it up, these are a simple, yet effective solution to your kids’ footwear woes.

They are tough and robust, yet flexible and lightweight. They are comfortable and attractive to look at and more than make the grade for P.E. class.

The elastic laces might just seal the deal, as they shouldn’t need any help getting them on and off by themselves.

gubarun kids sneakers sole

Although Best Walking Shoe Reviews might mutter darkly about raising a generation that can’t tie laces, read analog clocks and thinks nothing of going out in infants’ clothing …

Never mind, we will sweep all that under the carpet. Because these kids’ sneakers do seem to have pulled off that difficult to bridge gap between something you want your kids to wear and something they actually want to.

And, best of all, they won’t break the bank!

All of which should be good news to the beleaguered parent, forced to shell out for them.

We just can’t promise that they won’t get lost!