ECCO Women’s Cheja Shoe Review

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  • SIZES:   4-11 (US)
  • HEEL:    1.25 INCHES
  • PRICE GUIDE:  $87.11 – $100


women's cheja sandal baja blue shadow

These Women’s Cheja Sandals are described as ‘rugged’ and judging by the look of them, we would not disagree!

Not a million miles apart from the similar Women’s Offroad Sandal and the Yucatan, it is clear that this shoe springs from a stable of well heeled siblings, all designed to take you on the journey of the open road. Or maybe even off the road altogether!

If you flip these over and look at the underside, you will see that the soles are incredibly chunky and bear a strong resemblance to the Women’s Offroad Lites that we have reviewed elsewhere.

These Cheja Sandals seem to be poised somewhere in between the Yucatan and the Offroad Lites, maybe they are their love child. Either way, they are all very close relations.

Definitely designed for an adventure, the Cheja is a chunky looking and durable outdoor sandal.

These are made from nubuck leather and have a fine and ferocious looking rubber sole. Like others in their outdoor sandal range, these have adjustable straps with Velcro fastenings.

This means that you shouldn’t have a hard time in getting these to fit snugly, no matter what your size or your foot width.

The lining has a stretch fit interior, to be cozy and hug your feet and there is a cushioned and protected foot bed. The midsole has a direct injected PU midsole with Receptor technology.

These are a strappy, but not thin sandal, which features a dash of color along the center of the straps, in small dots and dashes. With a double stitched style along the straps, these look tough and hard wearing rather than the height of fashion.

womens cheja moon rock sandal side

As for the colors, well it is hard to find a listing that has them all cataloged, but there are at least three, possibly four Shadow White/Baja Blue, Black/Poppy, Moon Rock/Emerald and Dusk/ Poppy.

Shadow White/ Baja Blue is a darker white overlay on the strap with what looks like a shade of gray on the inside, including on the inner sole. The sole is a brilliant white to contrast with the darker white and the gray next to it. The sole is brown.

Where the Baja Blue comes in is in the dots of color along the middle of the strap, in small circles and in the little dashes. This gives it an overall subtle and layered impression. It certainly won’t clash with anything you’re wearing, at any rate!

The Moon Rock/ Emerald is a grayish color across the nubuck leather upper straps, a white sole and grayish inner sole with brown outsole.

Once again, the dashes and dots are in a subdued shade of green.

Lastly, are the Black/Poppy shade. These are our favorite, although we fear at the time of writing it may be hard to track this popular color down as it seems to have sold out of many websites.

The Black/ Poppy are, well, a black shoe throughout – the inner sole, the mid sole, the outsole and the upper – with red dashes and dots across the details of the strap.

The other thing to note about the overall design of this sandal is that these are a slightly asymmetrical style, which feature a strap/ panel on one side of the shoe, but not the other. This gives a kind of bohemian look to these otherwise no nonsense sandals.

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womens cheja blue baja sandal

Like most sandals that Best Walking Shoes has reviewed, these are only available in a full size and like most of the Ecco shoes, don’t come in differing widths.

This shouldn’t be a problem, because of the three adjustable straps on the heel, toe and front of the shoe. In other words, you can adjust these to fit with Velcro, more or less at every point of your foot.

We can’t imagine a half size or specialist width being particularly necessary with all the straps on offer. These are available in a 4-11 standard US size.

87% of customers agreed that these fit as expected – this is a good statistic which we think you will feel assured by. You should be able to order your usual size with no come back, we think.


cheja sandal moon rock

Of course, you expect to be able to put these on and then hike up the hills for hours. Because this is the whole point of a rugged shoe like this.

And the whole point of Ecco shoes philosophy is meant to be that these shoes are comfortable from the off and should not need any breaking in period.

Well, we are pleased to be able to say that these Women’s Cheja Sandals are no exception to the Ecco rule!

People requiring extra support, seem satisfied that these PU injected midsoles and soft microfiber foam sandals are up to the job of delivering the comfort necessary.


cheja sandal heel

As you may be able to tell from the look of these sandals, we would expect to be able to trek up a mountain, go off road and clamber around rocks and beaches in these Ecco Women’s Cheja Shoes.

And we think you won’t be disappointed if you do so. The outsoles on these sandals are about as full on as you could ever hope to find.

They won’t send you slipping or tripping and provide plenty of protection for your delicate foot soles.

The only thing we can’t say for sure that these are is waterproof. It looks as if they are not specifically designed for the purpose of getting soaking wet. At least, the manufacturer certainly isn’t laying any claim to that fact.

Therefore, we would advise caution from a total immersion in water. One or two people have tried it and apparently, they have been alright, but we don’t think it is what they have been designed to do.


cheja shoe moon rock

All in all, these are on the rugged end of the spectrum, designed for women who want to eat up the miles and do it in comfort and ease.