Ecco Women’s Babett 3 Strap Dress Sandal Review
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ECCO Women’s Babett 3 Strap Dress Sandal Review

  • SIZES:  4-11 (US)
  • PRICE GUIDE: $52.20-$129.00


ecco women's babett 3 strap

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If flat sandals are your thing, then these Ecco Women’s Babett 3 Strap Dress Sandals are worth a look.

Plain and simple and available in straightforward colors, there is nothing fussy or frilly about these flatties.

That is not to say that you are going to feel like a plain Jane wearing these – just that they aren’t going to tax you or your feet significantly.

Proving that strappy doesn’t have to mean ‘hurty’, these no nonsense sandals are easily adjustable and feature not one, but four adjustable Velcro straps on them.


ecco women's babett 3 strap sand

However, the name of these sandals is the Babett 3 Strap Dress Sandal.

We had to ponder this for a minute, because certainly the seller’s literature that we reviewed mentions four straps and we can count four straps on them. Three on the top of the shoe and one that goes around the back of the heel.

We have to confess as to being slightly perplexed as to why these are known as the ‘Three Strap’!

But either way, every bit of these sandals are adjustable, which is good news for a really great fit and anyone with feet which traditionally ‘miss’ the sizing of other shoes.


ecco women's babett 3 strap red side view

The first thing that we noticed about these sandals is how incredibly inviting they seemed and as if they were almost calling out to us to put our delicate tootsies inside them.

These are a highly comfortable looking pair of shoes, with a plush looking foot bed and seem as if they would be like a sort of cradle to our feet.

And although these may be flats, they have a generous half an inch platform on them. This helps give us a little bit of height and more importantly, a half inch of cushioning between the soles of our feet and the elements.

The sole, which is synthetic, appears to be pretty resilient and definitely made for walking in. In fact, one of the things that everyone says about this shoe is that they are a walking sandal.

sole of shoe ecco babett

If you flip the sandals over and look at the traction on the soles, we think these look reasonable, but possibly not exceptional.

Judging by the look of them, these are competent soles which can expect to see some wear and tear, but we don’t think we would be expecting miracles of traction in either the rain, ice or mud. But then again, we probably wouldn’t be wearing such strappy sandals in those conditions to begin with!

In terms of color choice, we can see five options on offer today (we were unable to find this model currently on the Ecco website and so just having to go with what is available for sale elsewhere).

We have to say these are straight down the line, solid colors.

Choose from Black or White, which do what it says on the tin; or Denim, which is as you would expect, a shade of blue; Brick, which is a shade of red, or Sand which is a sand color.

Ecco pull no punches when it comes to their shoe colors and there’s no fanciful or pretentious sounding shades to be found here.

But then again, this could be down to their no nonsense Danish origins.

ECCO ecco women's babett 3 strap sandal sand

Ecco is a Danish company, which have been producing quality shoes of comfort, to a high standard, since 1963.

Unlike so many other businesses, they are still owned by the family which founded them and are based in Denmark. They are also clearly very proud of still producing the shoes themselves.

The brand is the brainchild of founder Karl Toosbuy. His main mission was to produce a shoe that was so comfortable that it did not need to be broken in at all.

By and large, we would tend to think this was a success, as Ecco are almost a by word for comfort, up with other well known brands such as Clarks and Birkenstock.

But do these Babett 3 Strap Dress Sandals live up to the same high standards?


ecco denim sandal top view

These Ecco sandals are only available in a full size, although the sizing guide seems to suggest that the US sizes will span between a full and a half size.

In other words, they begin at a 4-4.5 and go up to an 11- 11.5.

Although there are no definite half sizes available, we think that the four adjustable straps more than make up for the lack of half sizing options.

Similarly, the straps help with regards to the width or narrowness of the foot. Which is just as well, as these do not come in separate width fittings. Once again, they don’t really have to.

Nearly everyone was impressed with the accuracy of the sizing on offer – with 89% of customers reporting that these Ecco Women’s Babett 3 Strap Dress Sandal fit as expected.

We think you can order your regular size with no qualms.


ecco womens babett white

As we were hoping, the performance and comfort from these sandals is high.

An impressive two thirds of all customers left these a five star feedback.

Even customers who didn’t leave a five star feedback by and large think these are a comfortable pair of sandals.

This is a good statistic – as good as it gets, as far as we are concerned!

SHOULD I BUY THESE SANDALS? ecco sandal blue side

If you are a girl who is looking for a really comfortable pair of flat sandals, that can be walked in, right from the word go, we think you have found your match in these Ecco Women’s Babett 3 Strap Sandals!

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