Darn Tough Men’s Merino Wool No-Show Light Cushion Athletic Socks Review

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Darn tough socks review

Unconditionally Guaranteed For Life

All of the Darn Tough socks are knit with small needles on fine gauge knitting machines, and this company only uses 100% Merino wool. 

The stitching ends up very dense without the bulk, resulting in a better fit. The better the sock fits, the longer it will last. 

The socks are reinforced on the outside and inside with nylon and lycra for added comfort and durability.  This company has been making great socks like these for generations, in Vermont, USA.  

The Darn Tough socks are the socks you want on your feet when you have a whole day ahead of you –  standing, walking, or maybe doing sports. 

These socks are so comfortable and supportive. The manufacturer took a lot of care in the stitching and workmanship process for this product. 

They wear really well and will last a long time.  They are made from 45% of the famous Merino wool from Tasmania, Australia, with 50% nylon and 5% spandex –  all great fabrics.  

Remember … you are buying Merino wool.  The best wool in the world!  It wards off foot odour, while the spandex and nylon gives you the snug feeling you are looking for. 

No bunching!  No sweating!  No itching!  Just healthy feet that breathe!  This sock is the “Low-profile” style, so you can wear them with sneakers and shorts.  You will look fantastic, and they come in bright, rich colors too.

The washing is simple.  Use cold water and no bleach and then let them dry in the open air for best results.  They are wool and wool shrinks when heated so no dryer please, even if they are pre-shrunk.


• 51% Merino Wool

No-show are 4” above the heel

• Made in USA

Lifetime guarantee

• Great fit


• Light cushioned

• Men’s Sizes: Small 5.5-7.5, Medium 8-9.5, Large 10-12, X-Large 12.5+

• Lots of positive customer reviews

Designed, tested, and manufactured by a family owned business

• Worth the price

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Secret Advantages Of This SockDarn Tough Men's Merino Wool No-Show Light Cushion Athletic Socks review

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cross stitch is used to allow for the wider foot.

  1. A variety of socks are made to appeal to people with different height sizes, such as the No-show, 1/4 Tops and Minis, Micro Crews, Women’s Crews, Boot and Men’s Crews, Mid Calf, Over the Calf
  2. The socks weight also varies i.e. ultra-light, light, padded light, ultra-light cushion, light cushion, padded cushion, cushion, full cushion and extra cushion.
  3. These socks are made to last a lifetime so if the customer has any problems with them, the Darn Tough company will make it right.
  4. The socks are pre-shrunk.
  5. The socks are natural, sustainable, and made without mulesing.  Note:  If you don’t know what mulesing is, don’t worry about it.  Just remember that it isn’t good and the Darn Tough sock makers don’t do this.