Columbia Men's Mudhawk Waterproof Hiking Boot
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Columbia Men’s Mudhawk Waterproof Hiking Boot Review

Columbia Men's Mudhawk Waterproof Hiking Boot

I have had it with spending money on cheap boots that don’t last the entire season!  

Being the mother of two growing teenage boys, it can be financially draining to keep them in appropriate footwear.

So, this year, I decided to buy my boys  something that would last the winter, and keep their feet warm and dry.

I googled a couple of boot brands, and in the end both boys decided that ‘Columbia’ boots seemed to suit their style.

We stopped the search at Columbia Men’s Mudhawk Waterproof Hiking Boots as this was the design that they both preferred.  

Color wise, John liked Charcoal/Black, Ryan preferred Mud/ Maple Sugar.

What mattered to me the most however, was that the boots were waterproof.

As we live in an area where snow stays on the streets for weeks, and rain is even more frequent, I wanted to be sure that my sons had hiking boots that wouldn’t let water soak in.  

These boots have seam-sealed upper construction that provides them with strong weather protection. One thing less to worry about.

Columbia Men's Mudhawk Waterproof Hiking Boot

The boots are made of leather, and mesh uppers. So about eighty percent of the boot is covered with leather, except for the thickly padded tongue, which ensures comfort and warmth. 

The laces, which are housed in durable, metallic hardware, do not put any pressure on the foot, no matter how tightly they are tied. 

Columbia Men's Mudhawk Waterproof Hiking BootInside, instead of the famous (and not so durable EVA compressed midsoles) there are  Techlite™ lightweight midsoles that delivers superior cushioning and high energy return.

Good midsoles are the key for good posture, straight back, and a pain free and active day.

The outsoles are real beasts. Omni-Grip™ is a non-marking rubber outsole for rugged traction control.

Columbia Men’s Mudhawk Waterproof Hiking Boots are made for any terrain, no matter how uneven, snowy, or icy.  

My sons are provided with powerful outsoles that will keep them stable on the ground.

These boots are fairly light weight; a pair is about 18-19 oz.


So far, I am happy with my decision to buy Columbia Men’s Mudhawk Waterproof Hiking Boots 

I feel that I have provided my kids with quality, comfortable hiking boots, and for the first time in a while, I am sure that I made a good investment.

Considering the fact that they are teenagers, who lead an active lifestyle during the long winter season, these boots have kept their feet warm, dry and comfortable, and they still look like new!

Both boys agree that they are the most comfortable boots they have ever had!

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