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Clpp’li Womens Fur Lined Waterproof Winter Snow Boots Review

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Now that the nights are getting longer, our attention turns to the all important winter wardrobe, and no part of this is more crucial than the winter boot or shoe.

Depending on where you are, the winter season could be an incredibly long one. You may habitually get inches of snow for months on end, and see the temperatures plummet. Even if you are in more temperate climes, winter can still mean a lot cool temperatures, and many damp, miserable, gray, rainy days!

From a beauty and style point of view, winter sucks. The damp cold atmosphere can wreak havoc with your skin and hair. Frequent surprise makeovers occur in gales of wind, unexpected gusts blow your umbrella inside out, and subject you to torrents of rain.

None of these things do a lot for anyone’s complexion, or hair particularly, but one thing is does give us, is the opportunity to stomp about in some ‘kick ass’ winter boots. And, as we all know, the more pairs the better!

This time around, we get to try out the Clpp’li Women’s Twin Button Fully Fur-Lined Waterproof Winter Boots.



The first thing we want to do is take a good hard look at these boots, from a design perspective.

This is a warm looking boot, with a reassuringly deep tread. From first glance, it does not look as if we will be sent skidding on any icy patches while wearing them. If they perform as well as they appear that they will, we shall be warm and happy bunnies indeed!

Also, the fur lining looks luxuriously soft and warm, and very inviting for our feet. The double button design is a timeless classic, and the boot is fully lined within for comfort and warmth. Materials are all apparently man-made, and this is fake fur, so there’s no ethical issues there either – hooray!

Colors available are chocolate, gray, chesnut and the mysteriously termed ‘blacker’.

As far as we can tell, there are no half sizes available in this design, so you will just have to size up if you wear a half size.



As your foot glides inside the Clpp’li Women’s Twin Button Fully Fur Lined Waterproof Winter Snow Boot, you notice the luxurious, comfy feel. It is also toastie warm inside. A lot of respondents have described putting this boot on as being like wearing a pair of slippers – they are that soft and comfortable. It’s possible that you won’t even realize that you have them on, as you glide through the snow and ice in them.

In terms of general opinions about the feel of these boots, it does seem that no one has got a bad word to say about them. When you hear as many things as we do, you usually pick up on a dark murmuring here or there, about the fit, or the comfort level. It is pretty unusual for no one to have some gripe or other about a pair of boots. Nearly all of them seem to rub someone  the wrong way, or give them bunions. However, with this pair of Clpp’li’s, we honestly haven’t heard of anyone who has said they were less than 100% comfy. This is pretty impressive really!

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However, feeling as cozy as your fluffy  house slippers is all well and good, but how do these hold up, when they are  confronted with the outside world and, well, you know, the white stuff.

This is where we have a slight disagreement, or should we say, a few people do.

In the vast majority of cases, most people believe that these are both waterproof and very warm indeed.

In a relatively small number of cases it was felt the waterproofing, although fairly good, wasn’t quite as good as it could be, and it might be a good idea to waterproof them again yourself.

The issue wasn’t the sole, which has a nice deep tread, and is pretty effective against puddles and snow, but the outer part of the boot, where it is felt, a bit of ice water might seep through. This may be more of an issue if you are literally, knee deep in the stuff, and standing around in it for a while, than if you simply have to walk over packed snow to get from point A to B.

In other words, for general use in the snow they should be just fine, but you should be aware, they are not particularly good for wading through wet slush.

Additionally, we haven’t heard anything too worrying about bits falling off, or holes appearing either, so it would seem that you will get a fair few miles out of these boots before they give up on you – which is always a plus!



Aah. The dreaded fit. Unfortunately these Clpp’li women’s fur-lined snow boots only seem to come in full sizes and not half ones. However, the overwhelming advice from people who own them, seems to be that you will need to size up. A common problem with boots, it seems, is that you should be looking to purchase at least one size larger in this design, if you want to wear really thick socks with them.


The overall majority of wearers of these Clpp’li Women’s Fur-lined Snow Boots seem pretty happy with them, and they’ve earned a respectable 4 out of five stars. We think they are extremely comfy, very cozy, and have a decent grip on them.

The only two issues to watch for are the sizing, and deep puddles!

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