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CLC Rain Wear Boot Review

CLC Rain Wear F23011 Over The Sock Black PVC Men's Rain Boot

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  • MODEL NO:   F23011
  • SIZES:   7 -14
  • DIMENSIONS:  8 x 16 x 4.5 INCHES
  • PRICE GUIDE:  $17.97-$23.37


Men listen up!

You aren’t interested in fashion. You want something hard wearing that will see you through the floods and rain this winter.

You don’t want to trawl through a thousand fashion items, that later don’t turn out to be very hard wearing.

Maybe you need them for work or a leisure activity that requires complete waterproofing and then more besides.

Well, then you are in luck.


Because these are heavy duty boots.

CLC Rainwear are definitely a serious brand with a serious, chiseled image. Their website is full of tough guys doing real man jobs.

Their models are depicted fishing, camping, doing DIY and other such perilous activities. And the clue should be in the name of the company brand, they are “CLC Workwear”.

So if you want steel capped boots (there is actually a steel toe capped version of this particular boot available as well) or anything to be used on a building site, these are the guys to turn to.


But back to the PVC boots.

First appearances confirm that these look the real deal. These are made of PVC and have serious looking grips on them.

They are only available in one color (black) and it ain’t going to feel like you’re skipping through the clouds whilst you’re wearing them – these are heavy.

Designed to be worn with extra-large and thick socks, they are kind of big and may run a little large as a result.


clc rain wear boot size chart

As mentioned, these are meant to be worn with socks and they should be wide enough to fit most calf sizes.

They are only available in full sizes, like most rubber boots are and although they run large, you might still prefer to size up than down, if you still want to get epic socks on with them, comfortably.

For a work boot, they are comfortable enough to have on all day, but the advice is that it’s probably best not to try and walk ten miles in them.

They pull on and off easily enough and there are no fastenings or buckles to deal with.

The EVA foot bed should fool the soles of your feet into thinking you are more wearing a pair of sneakers, than rubber boots – well, until you try and do anything rash like running in them, that is!


clc rain wear

Marketed as a rain boot, these are pretty hard wearing and well made enough to keep the wet stuff at bay. We can imagine wearing these doing activities such as fishing, caving, gardening or anything that involved sloshing about in deep water for any length of time.

Could they be worn in snow as well as rain? We think so, although the manufacturers make no claim about the temperatures that these can be worn in. The only real concession to cold weather is that they leave ample space for a thick pair of socks.

Because these are only really a basic pair – if very thick and well made – of rubber boots, we can envisage these getting a bit nippy, standing around in piles of deep snow for hours on end.

We would definitely advise that you line these as well, if you are determined to do anything in really cold climes in them.

But the bottom line is, yes, these do stand up well in snow, slush, ice, mud and just about any other weather condition that you could throw at them.

We can imagine them getting a lot of use, day in day out, in a work capacity and still keep going. They are durable and hard wearing and shouldn’t start cracking or giving way on you in a hurry.

In short, they look like something that you could probably clear up Chernobyl in. (CLC also supply a large number of fluorescent hi vis jump suits that look exactly suited for this purpose as well)

Additionally, these come with a limited lifetime warranty. Although they do not cover every day wear and tear, so check the small print if you want to return them!

The cleated sole looks the business and no one has reported a bad experience of slipping or skidding in these.


men's rain boots clc side three quarter view

So far, we have seen all the good things about these boots. Well, as long as you have accepted that these aren’t exactly for posing about town in trendy wine bars.

These are definitely not a fashion item, but they are probably something that every man needs in his wardrobe just in case. Or to be more precise, in his garage or maybe a spare pair in the boot of the car, whenever you need to dig yourself out of a tight spot or the rain suddenly comes down.

And they are cheap. At under $20 it’s hard not to be impressed by the combination of durability, practicality, waterproofing and general comfort.

As we know well, you can pay a lot more than that, and only get one or two of the above. Or, sometimes, none of them.

It feels as if we are actively having to look for faults with this boot, but the only occasional criticism is that they may smell a bit. In other words, shock horror, some sensitive flowers have actually complained that PVC smells of um PVC. We are horrified!


clc rain boot for men

But seriously, these are a low-priced item, that do exactly what it says on the tin.

No, they aren’t the prettiest boot, but they are there to do a job and they do it well.

So, if you’re on a budget and want something that looks like you could wade through a sewer in, mix concrete and then go and shovel nuclear waste for an encore, then, my friend, you have found your boot!

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