Clarks Women's Caslynn Shae Wedge Sandal review
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Clarks Women’s Caslynn Shae Wedge Sandal Review

If you thought wedge sandals were no longer stylish, or that they are slowly being kicked out of the market, guess what? You are wrong! Very wrong, in fact.

Wedge sandals are still super stylish and are here to stay.

The Clarks Women’s Caslynn Shae Wedge Sandal is extremely elegant and flattering. It’s a sandal that works for every single kind of foot.

Even if you feel your feet don’t look good enough, maybe a bit wide, or they just look big, worry not; these sandals are still a perfect fit for you.

caslynn shae wedge sandals blue

Why do we say this? Well, these sandals have been designed in such a way that they lean out and slim down the look of your feet. Don’t get us wrong, though.

We are not trying to change how your feet look. But you’ll agree with us that these sandals are the real deal. To say that they are truly dynamite is an understatement.

So, for those of you who don’t really want to hear much about these shoes, for one reason or the other; for example, because your girlfriends say wedges are going out of style, we are  trying to tell you not to make up your mind just yet.

When it comes to shoes, we often advise our customers to try out the products first. If they don’t look good on you, fine, there are a million choices to go for.

But don’t just rule out a shoe because you heard it being criticized by someone who barely knows anything about shoes or fashion. 

You might be wondering why we’re suddenly being somewhat supportive of the Clarks Women’s Caslynn Shae Wedge Sandal; well, we’ve done a bit of research on them, and we feel they are worth a try.

Also, we haven’t heard any major complaints from the customers who have already purchased them.

And most importantly, we are a reputable site, with a lot of experience in shoe matters, so we can’t yap about something, unless we are confident that our customers will definitely love it.

Experience Utmost Comfort

pink wedge sandals

These wedge sandals have proven that women can wear a 3-inch wedge and still look beautiful, sexy, and most importantly—because you are the one wearing these shoes, and it’s only fair that they do you some justice—comfortable!

Honestly, if these sandals are not ground-breaking, then we don’t know what is.

Beautiful Cross-Over/Criss-cross style

This simple, but dynamic, design is so special that it has managed to inspire several other collections of shoes. It’s a look that looks exceedingly sexy on the foot.

leather imported no fur sandals

Okay, enough with the talking. Let’s assume you’re holding the shoe right now—meaning you’ve already bought it, or you’re checking it out at a store or supermarket.

Just take a look at the picture so you can relate to what we are about to point out.

When you take a close look at the shoe, there’s a low profile that makes a little “V” right at the in step that’s very flattering and “delicious”.

A Show Stopper!

white caslynn shae sandals

Allow us to share with you a secret. (You can tell it to your friends, though.) It will “inspire” them too.

Okay, listen carefully, because this is no ordinary secret: the President of Clarks Americas Inc. is madly in love with these shoes.

Our sources tell us that these are her favorite shoes, hands down.

So, ask yourself, why would a president of a reputable shoe manufacturing company love a poor-quality shoe?

If the shoe is really that bad, don’t you think she’d be the first one to know?

Well, she’s the one leading the whole company anyway, so she knows exactly what the company sends to the market.

The mere fact that she wears them, shows they are really good.

Available in Every Kind

These relatively brand new wedge sandals are available in any form you can imagine. You can get wide widths, medium widths, black, white, khaki, etc.

A Wedge You Can Wear With Almost Anything!

clarks wedge sandals review

Every summer, women of all ages struggle to find a wedge they can wear both during the day and at night, with maxi dresses, high-low dresses, shorts, leggings, or with anything regardless of what you have in your closet.

Yeah, ‘age’ is very important. Some women ask us, “I’m X years old, what kind of shoe will look good on me?” Well, if you’ve been following, you’re well aware that our answer is very clear.


We can go on and on about the Clarks Women’s Caslynn Shae Wedge Sandal, but at the end of the day, the decision lies with you.

We don’t force our customers to go for a particular kind of shoe. Remember, our job is just to review, to show you what the shoe has to offer. That’s as far as we can go.

This sandal is a platform, so it gives you the height, but since the whole shoe is elevated, it’s still pretty comfortable and sexy.

Check them out and tell us what you think.

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