Caterpillar Second Shift Men’s Work Boot Review

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My nephew was recently in need of a pair of work boots for his first job in construction. I’d gotten him the job, so it seemed only right that I buy the boy his first pair of work boots.

They had to be comfortable, but above all, they had to be safe. My sister wasn’t thrilled about the new job, so I needed to make it up to her with a good pair of safe work boots.

About the Company

The Caterpillar company has been in business since 1925, but they didn’t start as a footwear company. Caterpillar machines have been digging and helping to construct the world as we know it from the Panama Canal to the Golden Gate Bridge.

The engines they created were part of Apollo missions and tracking stations around the world, too. They’re the leading producer of engines and work machines before turning their attention to work boots.

Features to Love


Nubuck Leather – It’s water resistant but can easily be waterproofed for added protection.

Goodyear Welt Construction – Superior construction keeps the upper and outsole together. It won’t break apart at any of the seams.

Nylon Mesh Lining – The lining will help the foot breath throughout the day.

Plush Collar – Each boot has a collar that will provide additional comfort and protection around the ankle.

Padded Tongue – The boot can be pulled tight without hurting the top of the foot. It provides extra protection as well as warmth.

Rugged Dependability – Caterpillar boots can weather any abuse in the workplace.

Insulation and Protection from the Elements

The full grain leather keeps the foot protected inside the boot. The high shaft, mesh lining and Climasphere insole all work to keep the wearer’s foot from becoming overheated, but also, protects against the heat and the cold.

The heel height is 1 and 1/2 inches, which is high enough to protect the bottom of the foot from debris on the work site like nails or equipment lying around on the ground.

Fit and Comfort Level


During my research phase, I read some reviews that said the insole wasn’t all that comfortable. I purchased these shoes for my nephew because I’m more concerned about safety than comfort. It’s easy enough to buy insoles, but he didn’t need them.

The fit and comfort was great. He’s been wearing them for months now without complaint, and we didn’t purchase him any insoles for the boots.

Safety at Work

The shaft measures 6 and 1/2 inches, which gives the wearer more stability and ankle support. It has a steel toe, which is absolutely essential in a work boot.

They meet EH standards as well as ASTM standards and requirements. The Caterpillar boots also meet electrical hazard standards with the slip-resistant outsole.

While they don’t leave power tools or live wires on the ground, since they’re a responsible company, accidents can happen. It’s always best to be prepared for the worst.

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Traction in the Workplace

The outsole is made of rubber, which means no slipping on oil or other elements on the ground. This is essential when climbing or carrying materials when you can’t watch the ground.

Boots need to be solid workers themselves, so that the wearer can confidently walk in any surface. 

Considerations Before Purchase

With any work boots, it’s important to consider the size. From adding insoles for comfort to having heavy, thick work socks on, you’ll want to consider adding a half or even a full size to your boots. It gives you room to add comfort if needed.

The Climasphere insole is meant to keep the foot cool and dry. There’s a odor-resistant element to the climasphere that should be taken into account when ordering. That’s important in work boots.