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Dailyshoes Women’s Puddles Rainboots Review

There are few things good about the winter and there are even fewer things that we like about ‘stepping out’ in a downpour. When it comes to... Read More
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We Review The 5 Best Women’s Rainboots for 2017

Not every manufacturer of boots for women understands how to make a proper rainboot for women. Some are super cute, but practically useless. Some are... Read More

We Review 5 Of The Best Women’s Winter Boots For 2017!

In this review article, we look at 5 of our absolute favorite women's winter boots for 2017 that are sure to keep your feet warm, comfy, and dry! Read More
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Atika Men’s Sport Sandals Review – Maya Trail Outdoor Water Shoes

For the purposes of this review, there are two types of sandal included in the same listing, the M110 (Maya) which is a thong like strappy sandal, with... Read More
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KEEN Men’s Newport Sandal Review

You want something on your feet that is capable of eating up the miles … and not your feet. But and this is the harder part, you would also like to wear... Read More

Nomad Women’s Puddles Rain Boot Review

Who said rubber boots had to be ugly? No more are rubber boots the sole preserve of farmers and people stranded in floods and other such unglamorous... Read More

We Review The Best Women Trekking Boots of 2016

Hiking involves a lot of movement, a lot of travel. In other words, a lot of trekking - hence the name, "trekking boots"! The best women's trekking boots... Read More

We Review 5 Of The Best Women’s Snow Boots With Faux Fur

When your boots are filled with faux fur, your feet are probably going to be the warmest part of your body. Faux fur boots are great for areas where it can... Read More

What Are Best Women’s Hiking Boots For Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? Your Questions Answered!

Whether you're going backpacking or hiking through the mountains, hiking boots should have great ankle and foot support. The soles of the boots should... Read More

4 Women’s Winter Boots With The Best Traction

There's nothing as exciting as when those first few snowflakes start falling from the sky. Watching from your cozy home, you'll likely be eager to pull on... Read More