New Balance Men's MR00 Minimus Road Running Shoe

New Balance Men’s MR00 Minimus Review

I am a 70 year old fitness instructor at my local YMCA in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  When I retired from my life long work as a teacher at a local public school, I decided to become a fitness instructor at my local YMCA because I was always interested in sports and fitness, plus I had no intention of being an unfit retiree.  The fitness instructors’ course lasted several months, and finally I was certified to teach aerobics, especially “step class”. read more

New Balance Men's MW877 Walking Shoe 1

New Balance Men’s MW877 Review

As an avid walker,  I feel that one of the best walking shoes on the market today is the New Balance MW877.  If you’ve ever worn the New Balance 577 walking shoe, the 877’s are going to look mighty familiar, as they are practically the same shoe, only using suede and mesh, rather than leather. read more

New Balance Men's MW928S Leather Mesh Walking Shoe

New Balance Men’s MW928S Leather/Mesh Review

Hello walking enthusiasts!  It’s me Jerry, and I’m back again with another walking shoe review – this time I’m going to review the New Balance Men’s 928s, which are of the leather/mesh variety, and quite a bit pricier than the other shoe I reviewed on this website recently; that being the MW577 also by New Balance. read more