Mephisto Originals

A Quick History Of Mephisto Shoes

Mephisto – The World’s Finest Footwear

Martin Michaeli’s Mephisto Shoe Company was born in France in 1965.  The moccasin was first off the assembly line and was distributed in Germany, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland, before spreading throughout Europe.  Today, Mephisto is an internationally respected name in the footwear industry.  It was always a shoe that an older person might buy in order to become safer when moving about.  read more

mephisto walking shoes

Mephisto Shoes For Women – Our Top 5

Mephisto is regarded by many walking enthusiasts in Europe and around the world as the BMW of comfortable walking shoes.  When this company launches a new line of walking shoe, people around the world always sit up and take notice, because practically every shoe they make is a showstopper. read more