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How To Do Simple Bridge Exercises For Beginners + Video Demo

In this article, our 70-year-old senior fitness guru Beach Baby Bob shows how to do simple bridge exercises for beginners with a complete video demo. Read More
Press exercise routine by BeachBabyBob

How To Do a Proper Press Perfectly for Beginners and Seniors with 2 Routines

In this article, Beach Baby Bob shows us how to do a proper press perfectly for the benefit of both beginners and seniors and explains all the ins and outs. Read More
basic pushup

How To Do a Proper Pushup Perfectly for Beginners + Modifications

In this article, I talk about how to do a proper pushup perfectly. This involves learning the modifications that precede a full pushup, as well as... Read More
how to do a proper lunge with and without weights

How to do a Proper Lunge With and Without Weights

In this article, 70 year old fitness instructor Bob talks about how to do a proper lunge both with and without weights, and also does a full demonstration. Read More
how to do a squat correctly

How To Do a Proper Squat Correctly With and Without Weights

This article talks about how to do a proper squat correctly, with and without weights. Read More
what is upper crossed syndrome

About Upper Crossed Syndrome – Common Questions Answered

In this article, we answer some common questions about Upper Crossed Syndrome, which is a condition that can lead to pain and injury. Read More
what are macronutrients in fitness

What Are Macronutrients In The Fitness World? Proteins, Carbs, Fats, And More!

Hi, my name is Tessa Smith (tessasmithxo on Twitter) and I am a personal trainer and fitness enthusiast from Ontario. Before I talk about macronutrients and... Read More
power walking tips

Power Walking Tips

If you are considering power walking as a way of getting fit, then check out this article about speed walking techniques and tips for best results Read More