We Review the Best Sandals for High Arches

I’m honored to write the best sandals for high arches article for those in search of a fitting sandal for their condition. Why should you read this post? I’m a physiologist and a practicing physiotherapist, and I’ve garnered more experience particularly with this neurological disorder, and I’ll be so glad to share my experience with you. read more

how to do a proper lunge with and without weights

How to do a Proper Lunge With and Without Weights

Hi there, my name is Bob, I’m 70 years old, and I’ve been working as a fitness instructor at our local YMCA here in Ontario, Canada for about 40 years now.  In this article, I discuss and then demonstrate how to do a proper lunge with and without weights.  Many people find lunges daunting, but if you do it correctly, it shouldn’t be.  It is only a dangerous move if done wrong, and that goes for basically any fitness manoeuvre. read more

what is upper crossed syndrome

About Upper Crossed Syndrome – Common Questions Answered

What is Upper Crossed Syndrome?

Upper crossed syndrome or USC is an imbalance in your upper body causing postural distortions centralized around your head and shoulders, which is caused by a combination of your major and minor pecs (chest muscles) and upper traps (muscles between your shoulders and neck) being too tight and overused, while your cervical flexors (muscles that hold the head up and back), lower traps and rhomboids (which hold your scapula aka shoulder blades in proper position) being weak and underused.  This creates the “cross” pattern in Upper Crossed Syndrome with these two forces – a weakening and a tightening of certain muscles at the same time – which can lead at first to imbalance and joint dysfunction, which then can and will lead to pain, followed by injury. read more