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Celebrating Childhood – Carter’s Baby Shoes



Founded by an Englishman, William Carter, in 1865, the William Carter Co. started life in Massachusetts. The business remained in family hands until 1990, when it was sold to the current owners.

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Carter’s are famous in the United States, not just for their excellent baby shoes, but also the other brands that this well established children’s clothing company owns.

Probably the most famous of these brands is OshKosh B’gosh, which is another, very well known shoe and clothing brand, exclusively for babies and children.


Other brand marks owned by this company include Genuine Kids ,the clothes company derivative of OshKosh B’gosh, Precious Firsts, a range of baby clothes owned by Carter’s, Child Of Mine which offers linen and other child accessories, and has been in stores since 2003, and, last, but not least, Just One You, a range of clothing from new born to sixteen years.

The Carter’s baby and children’s shoe range does, of course, extend beyond just crib shoes and the Every Step line, but these are the two on which we have made our primary focus.


Focus On Early Walkers’ Feet

Although it is not considered a necessity for a baby to wear shoes at this very early stage in their development,(and some people think bare feet is best), there are still times that you may want to put shoes on a baby.  If this is the case, they need to be the right shoes.

This is mainly because their feet might get cold more than anything else. And it probably is a good idea for their feet development, if you only keep these on for short periods of time.


You are advised to check the fitting of your baby’s shoes – and socks – regularly as they can pinch and restrict their feet from growing.

Socks are a particular concern, as they can shrink in the washer/dryer and go from fitting fine to suddenly constricting their feet.

Lastly, don’t forget babies grow fast, so these shoes need to be checked regularly.

Freaky things can happen inside things like leggings and tights, as this reviewer knows from experience …ie).long hairs getting inside the foot fittings, and wrapping themselves around your baby’s tootsies – this actually happened!

Carter’s Every Step Alex W. Stage 3 Walking Shoe


We love the color selection and stitching on this particular pair of toddler shoes. These ones are at the level that you would probably be considering shoes to be more of a necessity in terms of their development, rather than simply looking adorable, and staving off the cold (still an important consideration of course!)

Naturally, these Carter’s Every Step can do a lot more than just stave off frostbite and still look pretty.

The Every Step range is designed for infants to toddlers, which means anything from a baby that is about to start crawling, right up to actual first steps.

Why Do Babies Need Shoes?


Why do babies who are learning to crawl need shoes at all, you might ask? Well, perhaps they would manage just fine with socks and no support, but quite often, socks are slippery underfoot and have no traction, which doesn’t really help your emerging toddler with the task of trying to stand upright.

Furthermore, there isn’t the same level of foot support in a sock as there is in a shoe – which should be pretty obvious really.


The earliest of these shoes are probably not really meant to be worn outside, especially if your child is still at the very beginning of their developmental level. But it is worth checking which materials make up each individual shoe and boot, as they do vary.


Stage one covers crawling, which is approximately sizes 2-3 in baby sizing. These crawling stage shoes do have special upturned soles on them, to help them glide better. They are designed more for a crawler, glider or roller, than the stomping steps of an emergent toddler.


The next stage is one of the biggest milestones that your baby will ever achieve – standing up! And what better way to celebrate this huge achievement than a new pair of shoes. This range covers sizes 3 through to 5 approximately.


Lastly, of course is the walking stage, for which your toddler will need proper support from their footwear.

These later shoes may well have harder soles than the earlier ranges do, as they will be for walking both inside and outside. Some of these styles will be water resistant, but not necessarily all of them, so it is best to check.


Also, all of the different styles of the Every Steps line come in a consistent range of sizes, so that if you change from one style to another style, you won’t have to worry about the sizing.

Buying baby shoes is something that is best done in store, but if you measure their feet properly once, you should be able to order on line with reasonable confidence. If in doubt, scale up a size, as they should always be able to grow into them eventually!

For more info on the Carter’s Every Step range, check out some of our in depth reviews of their actual shoes, which can be found on this site.

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