Capezio Women’s 2028 Canvas Juliet Ballet Shoe Review

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  • SIZES: 4 TO 12
  • PRICE GUIDE: $18.99 – $102.36

Capezio ballet shoe

Colour and Style

These ballet shoes come in two different colours: a classic pale pink as well as black. Not every ballet shoe offers a choice of colour, so the option for a black shoe is an added bonus!

While pink is more popular and is usually the required colour for classical ballet classes and RAD exams, the black shoe is a great option for costumes and performances.

Black ballet shoes

These shoes feature two straps that cross over in the centre of the foot, which is often thought to be more aesthetically pleasing as well as slimming to the foot. These are very flattering shoes!

When I first changed from wearing shoes with one horizontal strap to shoes with two criss-cross straps, it took a little getting used to. Now, however, I find the two shoes almost equal in comfort. Of course, it depends a lot on personal preference as well.

These shoes have a split sole. A split sole is a shoe sole that has a break right in the the arch of the foot. So, underneath the foot’s arch the material is simply canvas, not suede, which is okay because the arch of the foot doesn’t touch the ground anyway.

A split sole makes pointing your toes easier because the shoe is more pliable in the middle without that extra bit of sole, allowing your foot to curve and point even more. I definitely prefer a split sole to a full sole.

Split sole


These shoes are made of canvas, which is the softest and most pliable material for ballet slippers. However, they also wear out a little bit faster than leather shoes.

I find that canvas shoes feel lighter and less cumbersome than leather. Although both are great materials, it really depends on your personal preference. If you are dancing a lot, you may have to repurchase canvas shoes a little more frequently than leather shoes, but this may be a small price to pay for increased comfort and pliability.

The soles are suede; therefore, they should not be worn outdoors. These are indoor shoes only, meant for use in dance studios and at home.

The straps across the foot are elastics; they stretch over your foot, keeping the shoe on without being too tight.

The Brand

Capezio is a well known brand for dance shoes and clothing. It’s been around since 1887! It all started when Italian immigrant Salvatore Capezio opened a theatrical shoe repair shop in New York just down the street from the old Metropolitan Opera House.

Since this brand has been around for over a century, they definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to ballet shoes. It’s a trusted brand by many ballet dancers!

Capezio brand logo

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The Fit

These shoes range from size 4 to size 12 which is another great thing about this shoe! Not all ballet shoes offer such a high size. Any woman with feet that are size 10 or above will know how hard it is to find shoes in their size!

Even tall women and women with bigger feet will be able to find ballet shoes that fit.

Half sizes are offered making it easier to find the perfect fit for your foot.

In a previous review of Bloch ballet shoes, we saw that different widths were offered. Unfortunately this shoe does not come in different widths, but the elastics will help the shoe stay on the foot.

Different shoe widths are definitely a nice option but it isn’t totally necessary. I’ve always found Capezio shoes to fit well.

87% on Amazon said these shoes fit smaller than expected, so I’d recommend going half a size up from what you would expect. However, ballet shoes are supposed to be snug, so keep this in mind when ordering.

The Comfort

These are very comfy ballet shoes! They are easy to work with, easy to move in and are perfect for beginners. The canvas is nice and light and makes pointing your foot easy.

The suede soles make turning easy because they aren’t too slippery or too sticky.

The Terrain

These shoes are meant for indoor use only. They are best in dance studios and on hardwood floors.

Bottom Line – Should I buy these shoes?

I highly recommend these shoes! They are a pleasure to dance in. They are comfortable and very flattering to the foot. They come in two different colours which is a bonus as well!

Just keep in mind that you might want to get half a size bigger than expected as they do run a bit small. The other thing to remember is that these shoes might wear out a bit quicker than leather shoes, but this being said they are still very durable and will last at least a year or two (depending on how much you dance).