Can Walking Help Tone Your Bum?

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How can this be done? 

Well, some of us don’t have to “do” anything it seems.  Certain people just seem to have that genetic edge that magically prevents cellulite from collecting in and around the rumpal region.  In this respect, it helps to be younger, when your metabolism is still firing on all cylinders.

Whether it be excellent metabolism, or the body diverting the fat into places like your bloodstream instead of your bum (which is not healthy, mind you), certain people just don’t seem to gain weight there in the butt area. 

Well, good for those people.  They’re probably not the ones reading this.  They’re no doubt busy sauntering about, oblivious to how much work it takes some of us to tone our butts.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are those who have un-toned butts and know it and don’t care about having a larger or just completely flabby posterior. 

At least, they don’t care enough to do anything about it.  They’d rather live their lives on the couch.  So be it.  We have nothing against them personally.

That said, if you’re still reading this, you obviously want to firm up that bum of yours, and you’ll do anything to make that happen.  Right?

Wouldn’t it be nice if walking, something so simple and available to most of us, was a great way to work on that butt?

Use this table of contents to navigate the various topics in this post and good luck!

Now let’s dive in!

Is Walking Good For Toning Your Bum?

This brings us to the main question – is walking good for toning your bum? 

This is a question many have asked before and many will ask again, because walking is one exercise that you can do almost anytime, anywhere, and without depending on anyone else but yourself.  You simply put on some good walking shoes, and head out the door.

Yes, this entire website is dedicated to walking.  We here at BWSR always encourage a good walk, almost anytime / anywhere, and a comfortable one at that! 

Walking has so many benefits for your physical and mental functioning, there are almost too many to mention. 

But what you obviously want to know is about toning your butt via walking, and we’re here to provide as much info as we can on this topic, because the answer is this: it depends.  In other words, it could, but maybe not…it depends.

Why does it depend? Well, whether walking is going to tone your bum depends on many factors. 

How Far? – Just how far are you walking on your outing?  Are you going to walk around the block (0.2km) or take a good brisk walk for say 5km?  How far you plan on walking will certainly affect the outcome of that walk as it pertains to your physique.

Terrain? – What kind of terrain are you walking over?  Will you be hiking on a forest trail, or on your average everyday sidewalk?  Maybe you’re walking on a track made for walking.  This is yet another factor that will determine how challenging your walk will or won’t be for you.

What kind of shoes? – What kind of shoes are you walking in?  Some shoes are made for walking.  Some footwear is not, and can do damage to your body if you try to walk in them for extended distances.  Yet another part of the big picture here.

How fast are you walking? – The speed of your walk will also greatly affect things.  Again, if you walk around the block, travel 0.2km, and you do completely casually without paying attention to your form, or anything else, this is more of a relaxing stroll, and may not do the trick.  

Are you walking on an incline? – Does your walk take you up and down many hills, or are you basically walking on flat land?  This will determine the intensity of the walk and which muscle groups are pushed harder.

How’s your diet looking? – Remember that you can’t very well tone muscles if your diet is no good.  Every time you scarf down a burger or pizza, it’s going to take you further away from being in any kind of fit and trim shape.  You can try to walk it off, but it gets increasingly more difficult the worse your diet is.

These are some of the main questions we will discuss further in this article about toning up the ol’ caboose, because you can’t effectively do so unless you consider all of the above. 

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