Bogs Men’s Classic Ultra High Insulated Waterproof Winter Boots Review

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bogs mens rain boots

  • SIZES: 4-16
  • WEIGHT:   9.3 POUNDS
  • DIMENSIONS: 17 X 13 X 5.5 INCHES
  • HEIGHT:  15”
  • PRICE GUIDE: $101-$134 APPROX


bog men's classic top view

Wow! At a first glance it would seem that these are the business. A complete muck boot designed for heavy use, mud, water and snow.

Made from 7mm of waterproof Neo-Tech, a sponge based mid sole for additional comfort and an all round ‘sturdy’ feel to them, first impressions look promising.

Available in at least four separate colors, from good old plain black to ‘real tree’, mossy green and army green, it is apparent these have a tad more style than some of the most basic work boots out there.

With easy pull on handles, getting these on or off should never be an effort.

As for the tread, it is not as deep as some of the other models that Bogs offer (maybe if you want super deep opt for the ‘Roper’ model) but they seem reasonable enough.

Although they are labeled as being a men’s boot – and they are – some women with larger or wider feet have stated these have fit them decently as well.  So if you are a wider footed woman, this may be the answer to your prayers.

Now it is time to put these beauties through their paces!

bogs rain boots toe


With a  fit as expected approval rating of 77%, this is pretty high. One word of warning though.

Although these do fit as expected in the majority of cases, it may still be as well to scale up a size – because you might want to wear these with thick or double socks.

If you don’t think that you will be doing this, then sticking with your usual size should prove a winner.

Like most rain or work boots, these are only available in a full size and so if you wear a half size, you may be best scaling up to the nearest full size anyway.

There don’t seem to be too many tales of people finding the fit problematic or strange, overall and most people are more than satisfied with the fit of these work boots.


black rain boot side view

“The most comfortable boots ever” is a fairly representative comment from the majority of owners of this boot. This is good news, we feel.

Some people have even told us that they have worn these barefoot and remained completely comfortable!

This may be a little extreme we feel, but with a sponge mid sole, these offer a hell of a lot more support and protection for the balls of your feet, than do ‘standard’ rain boots.

Of course, the price does reflect this quality, but it is nice to know that in this respect, at least, you are getting what you pay for!

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front view

The main thing which separates this boot from some of its cheaper cousins is that it has been rated to be able to withstand use in temperatures as low as -40F.

This is quite some claim – especially if the person is not wearing socks either! Although this is something that we don’t necessarily recommend doing ourselves.

It should go without saying that these are 100% waterproof and the instances of leaking and cracking has been fairly minor and probably only happens in a few, defective pairs.

So far so good! A 7mm thickness is pretty damned thick we think and should withstand all comers.

Sometimes, this level of thickness and sturdiness in a boot can sometimes backfire a little and they can become stiff and awkward to move in.

This does not seem to be an issue with the Bog’s Ultra Classics.

No one seems to have reported there being any issue with these being difficult to work or move in properly or them chafing, so it would seem all is good on that score.

As it seems that these really do  keep your feet not only dry, but warm, even in the extremities of temperatures, the only other question is to ask what they are like for walking in and whether they are slip proof or not.

side view green

When you first look at the tread on the Bog’s Classic Ultra High, it is not the deepest one you have ever seen in your life.

As we have mentioned, there are many other models and makes with a deeper tread in them. However, we have not received any complaints about them actually slipping!

Since people use these all the time in environments like farms and for trudging over wet snow and ice, as well as mud, it is a fairly safe bet that we would have heard about it by now if folk were tipping over in them regularly, but they are not.

So altogether, on all counts, of waterproofing, cold proofing and slip proofing, they perform well.

Maybe we would not want to walk for miles in them – they are rather heavy – but there are virtually no large rubber boots that are suitable for long distance trekking in, so no change there really.

They are comfortable to have on all day, every day though.


 rain boots green side view

It is true, that these are definitely on the upper price scale of any rubber work boots. So it is only right that for your money you should want total satisfaction.

We think that the Bog’s Classic Ultra High Insulated Work Boots fit that bill good and proper.

The numbers of complaints with them are exceedingly low and the numbers of compliments, high.

These are comfortable, waterproof, versatile and you won’t fall ass over tit in them whilst milking the cows, or whatever it is that you want to do in them.