Ariat Women's Terrain Hiking Boot
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Ariat Women’s Terrain Hiking Boot Review

Whenever I open my closet and start counting my shoes and boots, I feel a sense of mild panic because there are just too many, and that means I have spent too much money on shoes/boots over the past year.  I begin to have these shopping trip flashbacks!  And sadly, in most cases, I haven’t worn them more than a few times, and that goes for my winter collection as well. It’s pretty sad, but I am trying to think clearly now.

Last winter, right before my wedding, I realized that most of my boots were absolutely unsuitable for my ‘ski resort honeymoon’. Either the heels were too high, they were not waterproof, or not warm enough. It frustrated me so much that I actually wanted to ask my fiancé to cancel the trip, and wait for warmer days.

Finally – The Right Pair

Ariat Women's Terrain Hiking Boot

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But then, I decided to look for good winter walking / hiking boots online and ended up ordering my first pair of Ariat Women’s Terrain Hiking Boots. Once Amazon delivered them to me, I realized it was the best investment I’d made in recent times.  Not only did I wear them all the time at the ski chalet, I continued to wear them when we got back home. Last year the winter was harsh, and very cold, and this pair of boots saved my feet.

As you can tell, I am not a huge fan of the cold, or snowy days (I spend too much time driving in it), but having the Ariat Women’s Terrain Hiking Boots actually helped me enjoy the cold and snow a little bit more, because I was able to go out for more walks. My warm, dry winter boots are completely covered with leather uppers, and double secured with a rubber outsole. Besides the double rubber outsole, the Ariat Women’s Terrain Hiking Boots have toe protection. The size fit perfectly, and they were easy to pull on.

Waterproof and Ultra Warm

Ariat Women's Terrain Hiking BootThey were completely waterproof and ultra warm, so I didn’t experience wet or sweaty feet. I got dry, cozy comfort for a reasonable price.  Besides the moisture-wicking lining, the cushioned EVA midsole reduces any pain when I walk; no more tired feet! I would never buy shoes that do not have EVA midsoles. In addition, the Ariat Women’s Terrain Hiking Boots have a shock-absorbing gel forefoot cushion that reduces the skeletal impact stress on knees, hips and lower back. Maybe I am not old enough yet to think about pain in the knees or hips, but if you, by any chance, have problems with these parts of your body, you should definitely consider buying these boots.

The heel cradle stabilizes and supports the foot, and has a 1.5 inch lift off the ground. The entire outsole has a natural foot shape, as you can see. It follows the arch shape, and encourages good posture and reduces foot fatigue. The shaft is about 3.5  inches from the arch.

The only thing I didn’t care for was the lace closure, but only because I’m too lazy to tie them every day.  It’s really not a big deal though. All things considered, these are my best winter boots. There is nothing better on the market if you ask me.

All Terrain Hiking Boots To Get You Moving

Ariat Women's Terrain Hiking Boot

Ariat Women’s Terrain Hiking Boots were designed to last, and to endure every possible challenge……heavy rain, deep snow, those disgusting little puddles of water you don’t see when you are walking fast down the street.  Literally any terrain is a piece of cake for these soles. They are about 14 oz. and even though they are classified as boots, they do not burden your legs when you walk. This is a fair amount of weight if you ask me, just enough to give you the comfort and  protection you need, and yet you can still run in them if you really must.
Equipped with a spur rest, the Ariat Women’s Terrain Hiking Boots can endure long, difficult trail hikes. Nothing was left to chance in design, so Ariat utilized an ATS composite fiber forked shank that offers unmatched stability and comfort.

The simple design is another plus, at least for me. I like that they kept it simple. I bought the Pink Multi/True Timber ones. They are easy maintenance; I only use a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt.  I will have to check the other shoes/boots from Ariat; if they are all this good, I might spend more money this winter just for a little variety.

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