Ariat Women’s Terrain H2O Hiking Boot Review

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The time when I used to spend a lot of money on uncomfortable hiking boots, that were hurting my toes and my ankles, is long gone.

I have made a pact with myself – if you are going to spend money, spend it wisely, and that goes for shoes too.

Being a stay-home mom, I always need to be prepared and ready to go out shopping for groceries, take kids to school, bring them back home, take them to dancing or karate classes…etc.etc.etc.

Selecting A Winter Hiking Boot

Ariat Women's Terrain H2O Hiking Boot

A month ago, while it was still warm, I decided that it was the right time for me to get new winter shoes. I prefer to be prepared beforehand, so that’s how buying my very first pair of Ariat Women’s Terrain H2O Hiking Boots happened. 

I tried on at least five pair of winter terrain boots, but I always knew I’d go back and buy these ones. They felt as if they were designed especially for my feet.

The comfort and the balance I experienced while walking back and forth in the boots, simply couldn’t be described with words.

I needed a boot that was waterproof,  a boot that offered ankle stability while walking on wet terrain or in heavy snow, and a boot that was easy to clean.

The Ariat Women’s Terrain H2O Hiking Boot was everything I needed.

Full-Grain Leather, Padded Collar, Dry Socks

This awesome boot has a leather top and rubber outsole.  In the middle of the outsole is a super comfortable midsole that does not burden my feet even if I walk for hours.  

Its full-grain leather and Cordura Moisture wicking lining have saved my feet from feeling soggy. My socks always remain dry, and my feet feel toasty warm.

The padded collar with the pull-on loop is an extra that makes me love these boots even more.

Free Foot Massage?

Ariat Women's Terrain H2O Hiking Boot

The midsole is made with the famous EVA; the shaft below measures 3.5″ from the supportive arch. There are no words that explain the foot massage I feel, whenever I put my feet inside the Ariat Women’s Terrain H2O Hiking Boots.

Nicely elevated from the ground, these boots have a heel that measures 1.5 ” and a platform about .75″  Not too high and yet not too low.

My grandmother  always advised me to get winter boots that are not too low to the ground, in order to avoid feeling the cold directly on my feet. I guess Ariat knew perfectly well what they were doing.

Advance Torque Stability (ATS®) Technology gives the ultimate support for the foot, encouraging good posture.

Honestly, when you walk in comfortable shoes, you walk with more confidence, your back is more straight and you walk without fear that you will slip and fall.

Protected Feet

Ariat Women's Terrain H2O Hiking BootThey are easy to put on and there is comfortable support for the ankles. The front part of the boot is secured with a round toe, double protected with a rubber toe bumper.  

The boots are roomy in the front, with just enough wiggle room  The laces do up from toes to ankle to provide a fantastic closure for the perfect fit! 

The self cleaning Dura tread outsole is another great feature of the Ariat Women’s Terrain H2O Hiking Boots.

This rubber outsole provides the shoes with durability and performance in all weather conditions and on every kind of terrain.

I enjoy the stability these boots give me.  They are the full package – warm, waterproof, comfortable and stable.

Add the excellent price on top of all this quality and there you have it. I am ready for more cold days! Bring on the snow!