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Aleader Women’s Mesh Slip On Water Shoes Review

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More often than not, a lot of people use their tennis shoes, walking shoes, running shoes etc., when kayaking, swimming, trekking near the water, or just playing around with water. You might think that that’s just fine, but that’s not right at all.

Tennis shoes are meant to be used on the tennis court, or on the pavement. Likewise, walking shoes are meant for walking, while running shoes are meant for running. Although some brands can be used either as walking or running shoes, the same can’t apply when it comes to water shoes. Why? Well, good question; that’s what we want to talk about with you  today.

For starters, the above mentioned shoes lack a good number of features that enable them to work really well in water. As you already know, any surface that is wet, or entirely under water is different than a dry surface to walk on.  A wet surface is generally slippery, so you need a shoe with a good grip to take care of that. Also, in water, you need a shoe that will drain the water quickly, and allow the shoe to dry as soon as possible.

water grain outsole solyte midsole

Can your tennis shoes prevent you from slipping? Yes, somewhat. But that does not make them suitable for use in water. Here is another question,—one that clearly distinguishes all these shoes— do your tennis shoes, walking shoes or running shoes have the capability to drain water? The answer to this question is pretty clear: no!

Additionally, these shoes mostly have cotton laces that are very difficult to tie when wet.

It’s worthwhile to note that if you use a shoe for a function for which it is not meant—in this case using tennis shoes, walking shoes, running shoes, etc., in water— it tends to wear out pretty fast, meaning you have to spend more $$$ for its replacement. That’s something you can prevent easily, by simply using the right shoe for the right job.

So the next time you plan to go near water, we advise you to  use the right shoes: water shoes. And in this post, we’re going to talk to you about the Aleader Women’s Mesh Slip On Water Shoes.

Aleader Women's water shoes

These shoes are the best option for any kind of activity carried out in water, or near water, including water aerobic sports and river walking. This shoe is also a great choice for people who do a lot of wilderness paddling. When paddling it’s inevitable that you are going to get your feet wet, whether you are pushing off from a beach, or stepping into a shallow creek to navigate your canoe. A lot of the time, you’ll be forced to get in and out of the boat, and your feet are going to get wet. This is not an activity you want to perform in any other type of shoes other than water shoes.

You don’t’ want your shoes to get soaked because they’ll get really heavy. That’s where the Aleader Women’s Mesh Slip On Water Shoes come in. They are made with a midfoot webbing system, and a lightweight mesh that ensures lightweight breathability, and a supportive, adaptive fit.

Their breathable Eva/RB outsole, soft cushioning, and articulated flex grooves allow for natural range of motion and maximum comfort.

Durable and breathable air mesh upper

This amazing feature allows your feet to breathe well. And since these shoes are durable, you can rest assured that your feet will stay comfortable for as long as you own them.

Furthermore, there’s also a hole on the sole that contributes to overall breathability and quick drying.

water shoe review aleader

Solyte midsole

The solyte midsole is exceptionally lightweight. When you step in water, your shoes are likely going to take in a lot of water; meaning they are going to get heavy. That’s why you need water shoes that are light weight, so that you can enjoy your time in water.

The durable solyte midsole also comes with an excellent bounce-back feature that you won’t easily get anywhere else .

ComforDry sockliner

The ComforDry sockliner offers awesome cushioning performance that ensures the shoe environment stays cool, dry and healthy

Water grain outsole

This feature enables these shoes to provide exceptional traction in slippery and wet conditions. There’s always a huge chance of slipping when you are in water, or on a slippery surface. The rocks found under water are often very slippery, so when you are going to walk on them, you need shoes with a sole that has good traction.

Aleader Women's Mesh Slip On Water Shoes review

Injuries sustained in water can be serious or even fatal. Imagine hitting your head on a rock, or slipping near a water fall. That’s a really scary thought, but the bottom line is that it does happen! So one of the best ways to stay safe in water is to wear high-quality water shoes.

Bottom line

There you have it! We have a real winner here: the Aleader Women’s Mesh Slip On Water Shoes. It’s a durable, lightweight and comfortable water shoe, that you can wear both on land and in water. Stay safe in the water and have a great time!

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