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Ahnu Women’s Montara Boots Review

Four years ago I had a horrible ankle injury; I broke the bone while I was skiing, and ever since then I feel pain in my ankle whenever the weather changes, or whenever I walk for longer than a couple of hours.

My orthopedist always advises me to avoid shoes that are not comfortable, no matter how good they look.

So in the past few years I have gotten use to my new lifestyle; you would never see me wearing heels, or anything uncomfortable.

When it comes to winter shoes or boots, they have to keep my ankles safe. 

They must be well padded with cushions in the upper part (for additional comfort) and have the best possible out-soles, because a tight grip on any terrain is super important for me.

I can’t afford another fracture. Avoiding pain in my feet is so important, that I research the best footwear possible! 

While I was searching for orthopedist recommended shoes online, I ran into Ahnu Women’s Montara Boots.

Pretty nice-looking shoe, but what do they really offer performance-wise? 

When I checked them out, I read some of the finer details, and so I decided to buy them based on what I read, which was generally positive.

I have to point out that I didn’t have problems getting the exact size, nor did the seller ship the wrong size. I was lucky I guess.

They look more like winter sneakers rather than boots, but I didn’t mind that, as long as they keep me warm and safe.

I love that they go slightly higher than the ankle, so yes, that part is much higher than a pair of regular sneakers.

The ankles are completely secured, safe from the cold and in place, so you can’t really lose the shoe while walking in them.

Maybe it sounds silly, but walking in deep snow may bring such things; I know because I used to lose shoes that way.

The extra padded tongue is a plus, keeping the lace pressure away from the foot. The laces can be tied all around the ankle, but I seldom do that.

Ahnu Women’s Montara Boots have waterproof oiled leather, combined with suede leather uppers, that turned out to be flexible and tough.

Pig leather is firmly sewn at the collars; the nylon linings keep the feet free of moisture.

Made with eVent® waterproof and breathable membranes,

Ahnu Women’s Montanra Boots completely protect my feet during all types of weather.

I am not afraid to put on double socks for warmth, and because these shoes are 100 percent waterproof, my feet remain nice and dry.

It’s amazing, because I can actually feel them breathe inside!

As any other quality-made classic sport winter boots, the Ahnu Women’s Montara Boots also have rubber toe caps that protect the uppers and the feet from abrasion.

Did you know that the toes have many tiny bones that break easily even during simple hiking?

This small, but extremely important detail keeps the toes extra safe.

Dual-density is achieved thanks to the EVA midsole supply.

Ahnu Women’s Montara Boots have cushioned support underfoot, which for me is especially important.

I must not burden my arches, otherwise the pain in my ankles is guaranteed.

The midsoles have thermoplastic urethane shanks that offer midfoot stability and torsional rigidity.

The shaft is about five inches from the arch, while the heel is about 1.25 inches. So these boots have the perfect measurements, and are light weight. 

They are as comfortable as a hiking shoe, and in fact have a similar fit and weight, but they offer the traction and stability of a hiking boot.

My feet are stable, and to be honest I am much more confidant when I walk in these, more so than in any other shoes.

I am still careful and try to avoid uneven terrain. But I have tested Ahnu Women’s Montara Boots by walking in them for as long as possible, (about 3 hours) and didn’t have any pain afterwards.

And that simply proves to me that I made the right choice.

When comes to design, I like the versatile colors. I picked the Red Mahogany.

There are not too many details, only a few discrete logos on each of the side of the toe bumpers, as well as on the back and side of the heel, right on the rubber outsole; just enough to present the brand and still keep it classy.

These boots have totally paid off for me. I am highly recommending them!  I believe I’ll be wearing them for a long time.

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