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Aerosoles Women’s Wip Away Sandal Review

The Aerosoles Women’s Wip Away Sandals are the only choice for summer shoes for me.  I got them a few months ago, and didn’t even plan to buy specialty designed slip on sandals, or anything anatomically designed.

Aerosoles Women's Wip Away Sandal 3

Feels Like Heaven For Your Feet

When I tried them on, I simply knew that I must have them. Wearing them felt like heaven!  They were so comfortable, and so easy to walk in, I simply didn’t care how much they cost.

I’m usually not an impulsive shopper, but I was ready to spend all my money on these. Lucky for me, they were an affordable price.

Aerosoles really put a lot of thought into the design, resulting in a perfect combination of both aesthetic and anatomic qualities.

For instance, if these weren’t so darn comfortable, and easy to put on, I don’t think I would have bothered to buy them.

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They are ideally made for doing errands around the house, going shopping, or taking a vacation just about anywhere (beach, mountain, or even an urban vacation such as Las Vegas).

No activity is too big a challenge for these women’s walking sandals. The Aerosoles Women’s Wip Away Sandals are a wonderful choice even for the pickiest women.

I surely know that, since I’m one of them! It means a lot to me to wear leather footwear, even if we talk about simple summer slip-on sandals.

I found my Aerosoles to be my best investment, and my feet are really thankful.

Made of leather upper straps and a memory foam footbed, the Aerosoles Women’s Wip Away Sandals are perfect for any time of  day.

These were the only shoes I wore during my two week summer vacation, and never once felt as if I should put on other shoes.

Comfortable enough for walking on the sand, or on the street, the Aerosole Women’s Wip Away Sandals literally gave my feet rest, even when I was standing or walking.

Matches All Different Outfits

They are so elegant, especially my Bronze Snake can be matched with everything from summer dresses and skirts, to pants, shorts and even  my swim suits.

The combination wide and thin leather straps on the front keep the whole foot safe and in one place.

My toes didn’t slip at all in the front, nor did I have the urge to keep my toes “glued” to the edge, in order not to lose them while I walked.

Aerosoles Women's Wip Away Sandal 7

The footbed is very comfortable; after all it is made of memory foam that absorbs the shock of walking.

The sandals can’t be compared to any other flat shoes just because of the memory foam; I didn’t feel any pain in my Achilles tendon or in my knees, as it used to happen before.

Light And Cozy

They feel light on the foot, practically like slippers, except they’re much more comfortable, and give the foot better safety.

You simply don’t feel that you’re wearing them, and if you’re worried whether you have to drag them like classic slippers, the answer is no.

The front part of the foot (at least in my case) fits perfectly, and is well secured with the leather straps, so no other back strap, or additional straps are necessary.

The outsole is rubber, which minimizes the risk of slipping or losing balance, or even twisting your ankles.

You will feel it when you start walking in them – the sandal won’t move left or right, it will simply stay on the spot, and right there on your foot.

The one inch rubber wedge with scored sole makes them easily bendable, and we all know how important that is.

Adjusts To Your Foot

Aerosoles Women's Wip Away Sandal 8

These sandals adjust to your foot, not the other way around. 

I haven’t been this satisfied with summer footwear in a while, but it was simply love at first sight with the Aerosoles Women’s Wip Away Sandals.

I strongly recommend these to women who have trouble finding good quality, comfortable sandals. Maybe I don’t have any particular foot problem at the moment, but you can never be too careful when picking the right shoes for your feet.

Not many designers create elegant and classy shoes, that are comfortable and safe for wearing at the same time.

I’m grateful for these, and I am willing to purchase another pair for my sister. Aerosoles Women’s Wip Away Sandals have won my heart, and I’m glad I can share my recommendation with as many people as possible.

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