image of hikersAs someone who already walks, or is perhaps thinking about starting to walk regularly, then you know that of all the items that you need to go walking, high quality shoes are the most important consideration of all.

Now we know that it is not the only consideration, but it is right up there as a top priority. People all over the world walk for many different reasons, some for relaxation, some find that it helps with stress, and others just like to get out in the fresh air.

There are some who walk to burn off calories, lose some weight or simply to keep toned and fit. The reasons are many, and if you fit into any of the above, then a big welcome to our website dedicated to walkers throughout the world.

I’m Dave Barnett, and I manage the website here with a member of our walking club, Bernadette Stewart. We have been walking as a group for many years and it is something that we really love. When we were searching online to find out useful information about walking, we did find some information here and there, but nothing all in one place.

We realized then, it would probably be a good idea to just set up a website of our own, that helps people just like you to find out some really great information about the huge benefits of walking. And so Best Walking Shoe Reviews was born.

The Walking Club

Our club has now over 150 members and continues to grow. It is a diverse club and one that is both a social network for us all, and also a great community get together. With so many members the talk often turns to many aspects such as people with flat feet, high arches, leg pains etc.

We also discuss different routes, rates of walking, devices to measure distance and calories and as you can imagine there is plenty to discuss. We have men and women of all ages and they all walk for different reasons. We have plenty to talk about and plenty to share.

The main purpose of this website is to share that information with you and hopefully you will find that useful. We are based in the USA, but the information that you find here, can be used anywhere, be that Asia, Africa, Europe, the UK or just about anywhere in the world.

We love to walk and we love to share information.

Please check out our handy Buyer’s Guide to learn more about how to choose the best walking shoes for you.

If you have any questions or would simply like to leave a comment, then please visit our contact page. You can then fill out the short form there and we will always reply as soon as possible. Thanks again for visiting the About page of the website, and you can click here to go to the main Homepage.